Temple of Bleh

Weekly Metal news roundup followed by elegant swan dives into rabbit holes. Hosted by two Yorkshiremen who speak too quickly.


#V - Tom Von Doom [The Great Kat] [HORR]
Show Details58min 57s
#20 - Raw's Return, Dungeon Synth, and Mandy
Show Details1hr 34min
#U - Richard Bengloff [A2IM/Sony Music/RED] [HORR]
Show Details54min 13s
#T - Miles Leonard [Warner Music/Viva La Music] [HORR]
Show Details24min 26s
#S - Dragonforce 'Inhuman Rampage' 15th Birthday feat. Mike Gitter [Century Media] [HORR]
Show Details45min 37s
#19 - No More (UK) Tours, Metal Tat is Dead, and Black Sabbath's 1983 effort, 'Born Again'
Show Details44min 50s
#R - Bob Gruen [HORR] [Legendary Rock and Roll Photographer]
Show Details30min 42s
#18 - History of Roadrunner Records - The Great Kat
Show Details36min 20s
#Q - Wally van Middendorp [In De Goot Entertainment] [HORR]
Show Details1hr 54min
#P - Kurt Shore [Producer/Performer] [HORR]
Show Details34min 51s
#17 - Ridiculous Dimebag death conspiracies [RIP]
Show Details52min 44s
Headbanger's Brew #01 - the Draw [feat. The Pump Room Bar]
Show Details1hr 28min
#16 - Metal Tat for Xmas, Social Media Culture and Transforming Tom into a Metalhead
Show Details57min 42s
#O - David White [Heathen] [HORR]
Show Details1hr 43min
#N - Metal Mike Part 2 [Aardshok Magazine] [HORR]
Show Details1hr 3min
#15 - Jim's Friend Tom Returns, Son's of Musicians week, and general housekeeping for new listeners!
Show Details48min 24s
#M - Rob Beaton [Mixing/Mastering Extraordinaire] [HORR]
Show Details1hr 53min
#L - Metal Mike (Part 1) [Aardschok Magazine] [HORR]
Show Details1hr 23min
#K - Andrew Field [APF Records]
Show Details1hr 14min
#J - Howie Abrams [Lesser Gods Books] [HORR]
Show Details1hr 55min
#I - Gary Levermore [Third Mind Records/Red Sand PR] [HORR]
Show Details1hr 55min
#H - Andy Saunders [Velocity Communications] [HORR]
Show Details56min 7s
#14 - Jim's Friend Tom, all aboard the Dave Grohl Train, and the Illuminati of Consumer Expectation
Show Details41min 10s
#G - Garry Pepperd [Jaguar] [HORR]
Show Details1hr 15min
#F - Kyle Thomas [Exhorder/Floodgate] [HORR]
Show Details1hr 50min
#E - Steev Riccardo [Giant Records/Blowing Smoke with Twisted Rico] [HORR]
Show Details1hr 15min
#D - Mike Kaufmann [Defiance/Monster God] [HORR]
Show Details1hr 4min
#13 - Pretty much no news [Thanks, colonials], new logos, and do long band names mean a worse band?
Show Details58min 28s
#C - Takis Kinis [Realm] [Suiciety 30th Anniversary] [HORR]
Show Details1hr 49min
#12 - Uber Rock, Quest Metal and the Great Time Travelling Conspiracy
Show Details1hr 12min
#B - James McBain [Hellripper]
Show Details54min 45s
#A - Guido Gevels [Cyclone] [HORR]
Show Details1hr 5min
#11 - Thrash Sandwich, new tracks from Firstborne and Mess of Wires, and the most Metal video games
Show Details1hr 15min
#10 - Raw's victory over 2 metal bands, Mastodon income speculation, and Streaming Musicians vs Conventional Musicians
Show Details58min 22s
#09 - Metal 'tat', Fear Factory parlour games, and Metal gym playlists.
Show Details1hr
#08 - Hawkeye sods right off, tour cancellations and Hawker Records
Show Details43min 7s
#07 - Jim's mate Eric, the 'Regnirbraw/Warbringer Tank Challenge' and bands we've never paid to see
Show Details1hr 19min
#06 - History of Roadrunner Records - Part 1
Show Details1hr 42min
#05 - Metal Groceries, Zakk Sabbath, and Churchill's Speech on Five Finger Death Punch (w/c 07-09-2020)
Show Details57min 46s
#04 - RIP Riley Gale, Metallica Bingo, and the Secret Channel 4 Metalhead (w/c 31-08-2020)
Show Details1hr 21min
#03 - Bucket Lists, Documentaries, and getting Rod Smallwood out for a pint (w/c 24-08-2020)
Show Details1hr 1min
#02 - Bloodstock 2021, the return of Evile, and "the Triple" (w/c 17-08-2020)
Show Details1hr 3min
#01 - Introductions, Blehs, and Tribute bands (w/c 10-08-2020)
Show Details1hr 4min