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Tell Me(d) About It

A podcast series addressing local sociopolitical and health issues in the Visayas region. The project will be hosted by the APMC-SN and NHPC. Moreover, speakers from different fields will be invited to share their opinions, experiences, and expertise on the different key issues.


S2E3 - Dethroning the Corona : The dynamics of the new normal
Show Details28min 14s
S2E2 - POS-itive Thinking: An HIV-AIDS Awareness Podcast
Show Details1hr 31min
S2E1 - Okay Ka Pa Da?
Show Details1hr 14min
S1E5 - COVID-19 Vaccine: Hit me with your best shot
Show Details1hr 20min
S1E4 - DTTB: How they are made to be
Show Details1hr 28min
S1E3 - Universal Health Care: Why you should care
Show Details1hr 42min
S1E2 - Medtal Health Talks
Show Details2hr 13min
S1E1 - You see, this is Health Policy
Show Details1hr 26min