Teal Report

Teal Report is a podcast created by a fan for the fans of the San Jose Sharks who compete in the National Hockey League.

In each episode I lookback on each month that has taken place in the current regular season, We also on the show run down the month’s fixtures of our AHL affiliates the San Jose Barracuda and take a look around the Western Conference to see if our fellow rivals have anything newsworthy for us


3.X2 Seattle Draft
Show Details1hr 24min
3.X1 Cuda Playoffs 2021
Show Details52min 58s
3.9 Farewell Arizona
Show Details1hr 43min
3.8 Patty's Crown
Show Details1hr 10min
3.7 Kurtis Fights, Erik Bites
Show Details1hr 9min
3.6 Martin Yay, Devan Nay
Show Details1hr 34min
3.5 310 Days Later
Show Details1hr 31min
3.4 Jampacked
Show Details2hr 7min
3.3 That's 2020 Part 2
Show Details1hr 32min
3.3 That's 2020 Part 1
Show Details1hr 31min
3.2 Last Year's Stats
Show Details24min 11s
3.1 Live on YouTube
Show Details52min 5s
Season 3 Trailer
Show Details1min 42s
2.6 That Sinking Feeling
Show Details1hr 6min
2.5 Game Fifty Eight
Show Details27min 2s
2.4 Roaring Twenties
Show Details30min 59s
2.3 Harshest of Winters
Show Details39min 3s
2.2 Meddling Monkeys
Show Details48min 29s
2.1 What's Up Doug?
Show Details53min 48s
Season 2 Trailer
Show Details31s
1.7 First Finale
Show Details1hr 17min
1.6 Two Halves
Show Details40min 20s
1.5 O'Canada
Show Details33min 42s
1.4 You're an all star
Show Details32min 38s
2019 NHL All Star Weekend Special
Show Details41min 47s
1.3 Back 2 You
Show Details38min 10s
1.2 Challenge DeBoer
Show Details21min 32s
1.1 And We're Off
Show Details16min 47s
Introducing Teal Report
Show Details1min 22s