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Teach me in Twenty

Welcome to the Teach me in Twenty Podcast, The Podcast where everyone has a story to share and the lessons they’ve learnt along the way. Designed for people who enjoy Podcasts but would like a shorter version....Meet Teach me in Twenty.


Jana Firestone- 2020 for a therapist, social media, and your own mental health
Show Details29min 44s
Melanie Burnicle- From depression and bankruptcy to award winning beauty boss
Show Details26min 14s
Ginger Baerg- Foster Care, Adoption and my Patchwork Family
Show Details29min 10s
Mikhaila Todd- Breast Implant Illness
Show Details36min 29s
Elena Thurston- Conversion Therapy, leaving the Mormon Church and Life 2.0
Show Details45min 41s
Beyond the Tour
Show Details25min 20s
Reporting the evidence
Show Details33min 43s
Scoring in Hollywood
Show Details25min 56s
My Trans Journey
Show Details39min 28s
The Realities of Reality TV
Show Details31min 1s
Aboriginal Culture and You
Show Details44min 26s
Show Details32min 20s
Tennis goes Digital
Show Details37min 2s
The Psychic World
Show Details25min 59s
Understanding Homelessness
Show Details38min 37s
Mental Health Awareness
Show Details35min 16s
Drugs then Jail
Show Details49min 54s
Make Blind People more Visible
Show Details37min 24s
Show Details39min 57s
How Facebook Marketing can grow your business
Show Details33min 15s
My first season in the AFLW
Show Details22min 46s
Living in Antarctica
Show Details24min 25s
What's Not Good For You
Show Details26min 52s
Diamond's are a girl's best friend, but what's it like to trade them?
Show Details22min 29s
Tatts and all
Show Details25min 21s
Everything you need to know about Urban Axe throwing!
Show Details25min 5s
What it's like to sell on Amazon!
Show Details24min 13s
Why you should hire a Pro Photographer than just DIY
Show Details28min 46s
Hypnosis and the power of the mind with Matt Hale!
Show Details37min 33s
The life of a heavy-metal Rockstar!
Show Details29min 54s
So what exactly is beat-boxing and live looping?
Show Details23min 57s
Let's talk about S.E.X
Show Details35min 43s
Coaching Females
Show Details25min 44s
Could you be an Australian Ninja Warrior?
Show Details23min 56s
Think you know the Muslim religion?
Show Details22min 23s
Welcome to Teach me in Twenty!
Show Details46s