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The Tea Curious Podcast

The Tea Curious Podcast: Learn and Grow In Tea

Tea is a lifelong journey, but all you need to do to grow is a little bit of practice. 

Join me, Rie Tulali and my partner Steven White, as we learn from the people who've taught us all we know about tea. From tea shop owners to teamakers to fellow tea students and practitioners, we learn about theory and techniques from both left-brain and right-brain approaches to arrive at a beautifully balanced, ever growing tea practice. 


Session 03: Becoming a Tea Host in a Busy, Imperfect World | with Wenting Zhang from Tea Arts & Culture
Show Details1hr 2min
Session 02: Finding Happiness with Tea in Argentina | with Kim Wong from Sáan Blends
Show Details1hr 2min
Session 01: How to Make a Creative Tea Project Happen | with Martin Bohacik from Eighty Degrees Magazine
Show Details1hr 5min
Session 00: So, What's In This Tea Podcast Anyway?
Show Details4min 21s