• 149 - Cooker Activism with Dave Burgess

    This week we have very good friend of the podcast Dave Burgess on the show to talk about his experiences at home in Cessnock and as an activist.

    We've been to a few rallies together so it was time to have a chat for you guys and talk about the mechanics of it all. He knows his stuff!

    Enjoy :-)

    1h 39m | Dec 4, 2023
  • The Two Jacks - Episode 54 - Does Europe have an immigrant or a far right problem?

    The Two Jacks discuss the problems of immigration in Europe with social pressures looming in Sweden, Germany and in the Netherlands with the rise of Geert Wilders. HK Jack maintains the pressures arise from failures to drive assimilation while JTI argues the rise of the far right in Europe predates the immigration issue.

    In Ireland, far right thugs rioted after a knife attack outside a school in inner city Dublin committed allegedly by an immigrant who arrived in the country 20 years ago and is an Irish citizen. JTI explains that one of the men who stopped the alleged assailant was a Brazilian Deliveroo worker who was pronounced a hero and had more than 300,000 Euros raised for him by the people of Ireland.

    Meanwhile Joe Biden's polling just seems to get worse. Has he hit rock bottom, yet?

    In Australian news Dave Sharma fills the senate vacancy created by Marise Payne's retirement and we cover the Lehrmann defamation trial in Sport, the AFLW Grand Final gets underway this weekend.

    1h 24m | Dec 4, 2023
  • Premium Episode - Black Label 2 - SAMPLE

    Here's a preview of this weeks premium epiosde. From as little as five bucks a month! Don't make me get all weird and shame you like Dave Oneegs does - if you can't afford it, you just need to like want it more. Winners grindset bro.

    If any of you are missing out because you're actually broke drop me a line and I'll send you a file. It's the honour system so don't tell me fibs!

    Enjoy the free snippet!



    So we are changing the name and format of our premium episodes to be more 'fast and loose' which is actually just newspeak for 'lazy'.

    Still, we think this is a lot better than silence and excuses. And we have fun doing it.

    This week we are looking at a few stories. Crackers Kelly is found guilty of being a prat but narrowly escapes a conviction sadly. The vic libs get third place and celebrate because to them that's a good result. And Jack looks at Bibi Netanyahu's impending political doom with corruption charges and a general sense that the recent events are at least a little bit his fault.

    Jack dives into the murky waters of gun registries - some of which are still paper based - and a lack of rapid response in enquiries about firearms resulting in more than one police death in recent times. This is a good time to revisit Wieambilla as it's a year on. We look back at the first domestic terrorist attack in some time.

    Following this is the story of the year in the cooker space. Mark Mack is found to have perpetrated elder abuse in the pursuit of his mothers property. It's a dark story and one the Tinfoil Tales girls published in part on twitter. With their permission we have chosen some parts of the judgement to look at - it truly reveals him as a despicable character and as the TT girls have said - crickets from the movement. For the sake of the privacy of family we request you don't splash the judgement around if you find it. We obscured names intentionally.


    19m | Nov 30, 2023
  • The Two Jacks - Episode 53 - Labor Communication Fails

    The Two Jacks return to the High Court decision effectively ending permanent detention.

    The HC has not yet handed down its reasons delaying a legislative response. But the Albanese government went ahead anyway with a bill to impose control measures on the 91 released detainees.

    This leads to a broader discussion about the government's communications which are reactive rather than proactive.

    Elsewhere, we look at the Tories' woes in the UK and have Argentineans voted in Liam Gallagher as their new president?

    1h 15m | Nov 24, 2023
  • Black Label (SAMPLE) - Episode 1 - Nazi (false) Flag - Mona Lisas - Zippy - FREEDOMMM!

    Here's a preview of this weeks premium epiosde. From as little as five bucks a month! Don't make me get all weird and shame you like Dave Oneegs does - if you can't afford it, you just need to like want it more. Winners grindset bro.

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    Patrons! Thank you for your patience. Uni is almost over. Jack has moved. I hope we are entering into a golden age of podcast content creation. Looking forward to spending a few days researching cooked shit and making fun things for y'all to listen to while doing housework. 

    We have been vaguely calling premiums 'Black Label' for a bit now. But this one's the first one that we have done in proper fast and loose dot pointed fashion. I hope it's not shit. 

    This week we are looking at political hopeful Shane Cuthbert who did some videos next to a nazi flag and had a pretty shit excuse as to why. Did he not notice it was there?!? We look at him a little closer...

    Eric Trump is an idiot and compares his family's real estate assets to the Mona Lisa. Well, Mona Lisa(s). He is an idiot. Phil made a funny. 

    Zippy is encouraging people to mock the immunocompromised, the elderly and infirm with memes that point and laugh at those who choose to wear masks. 

    AAAAND the world wide rally for freedom half planned an action on the Sydney Harbour Bridge but found some pesky laws prevented them from having their day in the sun. How did they come about? Pesky climate protestors. Damn you lefties! 

    12m | Nov 20, 2023
  • The Two Jacks - Episode 52 - The Shoot Horses Don't They? The Brumby Cull

    A Senate inquiry has called on the New South Wales government to cull feral horses damaging the environment in the Australian Alps.

    The Two Jacks seek to debunk the romantic options about these horses. Many have arrived recently, often thoroughbred racing horses dumped by owners. It might seem cruel but the feral herds need to be culled in order to save biodiversity and animals facing extinction.

    In other news, HK Jack explains the High Court's decision and what it means for the government going forward.

    The Two Jacks disagree again on nuclear energy with news the only manufacturer of small modular nuclear reactors has gone belly up in the US.

    In sport, we preview the ICC World Cup final. 

    1h 18m | Nov 17, 2023
  • Episode 148 - Trump and Cooker Update!

    It's been a while since we just stuck the boot into some cookers so it's time to tie the shoelaces and get kicking.

    First we look at Trump who continues to be in Deep Shit and then we move on to some classic cookerbashing.

    Teflon Mon Mon is going through the courts again for fundraising for non existent legal fees. Whoops! She also got the arse from the US. Oh no!

    Joel attends an Australia One cooker rally and learns that in Germany and Spain you can marry a cat or a dog. Spoiler alert - that's bullshit.

    We look at the 'died suddenly' story around Matthew Perry who was a troubled lad and died too young after years of substance abuse. Antivax vultures made it about the jab - but some cooked units went ever deeper.

    And in SovCits we laugh at Rod Culleton. But we also hope he is okay.

    Pete is boring but Babet delivers for some taxpayer funded content. Bless!

    ALSO: IMOP has not been deregistered but has changed name to HEART - Health Environment Accountability Rights Transparency 

    One can only assume this is because being honest about your beliefs is electoral suicide and they have way more chance bullshitting their way into a seat than straight up saying 'we are antivaxxers' - even though their last name was also confusing to voters!


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    1h 49m | Nov 15, 2023
  • The Two Jacks - Episode 51 - The Great Electoral Divide

    The Two Jacks discuss Redbridge polling which appears to show a growing divide in the electorate between based on age, income and education levels. The traditional Liberal electorates are now veering progressive while in some of Labor's outer suburban seats, the shift is to the conservative side of the ideological spectrum. Does it provide the Liberals and Dutton with an opportunity at the next election and is this why they have virtually given up on retaining seats lost to the Teals in 2022?

    Meanwhile in Gaza, will calls for a ceasefire be listened to?

    In Sport, we review the Melbourne Cup and Maxi's magnificent double ton in Mumbai. 

    1h 28m | Nov 13, 2023
  • Episode 147 - Ballarat Diocese Revisited - Unholy Trinity Continued

    Editors note: fairly big trigger warning for anyone who might find discussions about CSA either triggering or just a bit much. It's an important conversation to be had but we understand if some of you just want to nope out of this one.

    If any of the content in today’s program raises any issues for you, please contact Lifeline on 13 11 14 or Beyond Blue 1300 22 3646.


    The CRP podcast returns to True Crime as Jack outlines his investigations into the Ballarat Diocese and how offending priests were moved out and their scandalous behavior covered up.

    This is the sequel to Unholy Trinity where VicPol conspired with the Catholic Church in 1972 to protect an outrageous paedophile priest from being charged.

    More than 20 years later, they were up to it again as the Ballarat Diocese sought to remove 'embarrassing' priests from the Church and let them loose on unsuspecting communities. 

    For more on Paul David Ryan and Ballarat - we also looked at him in Episode 37.

    1h 7m | Nov 8, 2023
  • Two Jacks Episode 50ish - The rise and rise of Anti-Semitism

    Editors note: The upload for Episode 49 failed and I didn't notice till ages later - so yes, this is the episode after 49. But it's not 50. That's the one before 49. It makes total sense. Kinda. Not really. Anyway, double celebration. Yay!

    The Two Jacks discuss the rise of anti-Semitism in the wake of the Hamas strike and IDF retaliation in Gaza. Once the ugly business of the hard right, anti-Semitism is now flourishing on the left, now including some within the progressive left.

    We track the stories of the IDF's ground war in Gaza and ponder where it might end.

    Meanwhile in the US, the Trumps are holding a family reunion in the witness box in a courtroom in NYC. The legal battles continue as the SCOTUS is set to hand down judgment on a T-shirt manufacturer who is mocking Donald Trump's physique. Think tiny hands, listeners. How will the Trump appointees on the SCOTUS regard the derision over the presidential penis? First Amendment right or a damned unforgiveable insult? We will have to wait and see.

    In the UK, the Covid Inquiry has poured a bucket on Boris Johnson who regarded the arrival of a pandemic as a damned impertinence.

    In sport, we preview the Melbourne Cup with JTI giving some hot tips as South Africa shapes up for not one but two world cups. 

    1h 18m | Nov 3, 2023
  • Episode 146 - Israel and Palestine with Yaakov Aharon - Part 2

    Here is part 2 of our chat with Yaakov Aharon - a citizen of Israel and former ultra orthdox Jew. We continue to look at the way in which Israel and Palestine clash in the middle east and look at some of the more cooked beliefs that are fairly normal in Israeli politics.

    We have a chat about his trip to Palestine and warm welcome despite clearly being of Jewish descent. We speak about the failure of intelligence and the way in which the intelligence organisations are considered 'left wing' for bizarre reasons.

    It's still a total mess over there and hopefully this gives some insights into the vibe across the pond that aren't being covered in the usual MSM press. Which is very good, but often a little shorter than a 3 hour chat.


    1h 19m | Oct 31, 2023
  • The Two Jacks - Episode 49 - The Voice Referendum Fails - What now?

    The Voice and constitutional recognition of indigenous Australians predictably fails at the ballot box. Where to next for reconciliation? And what political impacts will occur in the wake of the failed referendum?

    Meanwhile in Gaza, the ground war is merely days away.

    In the UK, criminals are being kept out of jail due to a chronic shortage of prison beds.

    In sport, Australia's campaign finally finds fruit in the ODI World Cup while both JTI and HK Jack predict a SAFA World Cup in rugby. 

    1h 32m | Oct 25, 2023
  • The Two Jacks - Episode 50 - Vale Bill Hayden

    Bill Hayden, the man who probably would have been PM but made way for Bob Hawke in 1983 dies at 90. A former copper who studied economics at night, he rose to become Foreign Minister and Governor General during the Hawke Years. He was Minister for Social Services and Treasurer in the Whitlam government. It was Hayden's budget that was blocked in the Senate, leading to the dismissal of the Whitlam Government. Vale to a Labor great.

    In the UK, the Tories get smashed in two by elections with an election due late next year, can they recover? The Two Jacks say no.

    In the US, Kenneth Chesebro and Sidney Powell flip on the Georgia RICO charges, making Donald Trump's position even more precarious.

    In sport, an NZ punter cracks it for $10 million on The Everest. 

    1h 30m | Oct 24, 2023
  • 145 - Israel and Palestine with Yaakov Aharon - Part 1

    It's been a while between drinks! We've been busy with all sorts of boring non-podcast related things but there is SO much to cover and we need to get back onto it.

    Fun cookerbashing will resume soon. Don't you worry - that's coming. So much to laugh at. But in the meantime, the middle east has gone bananas and it's worth discussing. I don't know shit about it and Jack is busy - so I've recruited a mate - Yaakov Aharon - to help us understand it.

    Yaakov comes from an ultra-orthodox Jewish background and is a citizen of Israel - but he also believes in Palestinian self determination and a two state solution. So we are going for the centre on this one.

    While we mostly discuss the relationship between Israel and Palestine from the Israeli perspective, we do try and stay in the centre of things. But we do expose some pretty nasty business from the Israeli side - the one we expect better from.

    The chat went Joe Rogan level long so I've cut it into two parts. Second part should come in a week or so!

    I hope you all learn something from this and any hate mail can be sent to theconditionalreleaseprogram@gmail.com

    Much love. Enjoy!

    1h 27m | Oct 22, 2023
  • The Two Jacks - Episode 48 - Terror in Israel

    The Two Jacks discuss the Hamas terrorist attack on Israel and its consequences. A ground war looks likely with the IDF due to begin a campaign after retaliatory bombing raids into Gaza. As more facts emerge, this was an act of terrorism by Hamas where the slaughter and torture of innocents can never be justified.

    The Voice referendum is set to fail as HK dismisses the views of not one but two former Chief Justices of the High Court.

    In sport, two World Cups - one in 50 over cricket, the other in rugby countdown to the finals.  

    1h 34m | Oct 16, 2023
  • Episode 144 - TCRP x SDCIC - Conspiracy Theories with Brent Lee

    This week we have a conversation with Brent Lee of Some Dare Call It Conspiracy. Joel is joining the guys for their excellent deep dive episodes and the bromance has only just begun.

    To get the ball rolling Brent and Joel sat down for an earnest chat about how cooked they were in previous years. We look at JFK, the moon landing, aliens, vaccines, big pharma, chemtrails, fluoride in the water and the big one - 9/11.

    Brent reveals that he not only studied conspiracy theories but also created them using patterns and wild theories based on religious concepts. Joel expresses his experience with left leaning politicised conspiracy theories and they compare notes across the historical conspiracy universe.

    It's a good chat. Worth a listen. Looking forward to more appearances from Brent and hopefully Neil in the future!

    In the meantime - sub to their pod - it's in all the usual places. Neil's dive into covid/climate conspiracies is something I've wanted to cover for ages. It's very very good!


    1h 58m | Oct 5, 2023
  • The Two Jacks - Episode 47 - Voice Referendum Vote Now

    The polling booths have opened and it is time for Australians to vote on the Voice. Will the polling be found right and the Yes case dismissed in big numbers or is there time for a late turnaround? HK Jack believes no and that the Albanese government got its processes and policies wrong.

    As Dan wanders off into the sunlight, we discuss how quickly power slips.

    Meanwhile in Tasmania, dysfunction is the order of the day as a minority government battles with the threat of a no confidence motion.

    In the US, Biden leads Trump by five points in the most recent polls.

    We discuss the mobile phone bans in classrooms and in the UK and ask, are adults worse than children when it comes to using their phones when they shouldn't?

    In sport, we review the two GFs and preview the ODI World Cup in India. 

    1h 30m | Oct 4, 2023
  • The Two Jacks - Episode 46 - Dan's Departure

    The Two Jacks discuss the rapid departure from public office. Why so sudden? If there were new disgraces or scandals they are yet to appear. It turned out this was more of a factional try on from Dan's S-L faction to sweep the leadership stakes. It didn't quite pan out but the S-L will never die wondering.

    Support for The Voice continues to sink.

    Josh Frydenberg officially bows out of politics.

    In UK news, Russell Brand is under police investigation as JTI says that post Jimmy Savile, the jig is up and the shield celebrity no longer works.

    The Donald faces a $250 million bill from the State of New York but it won't stop his candidacy as his polling against Biden continues to rise.

    The two footy codes celebrate their grand final weeks while Rugby Union is in turmoil. 

    1h 31m | Sep 29, 2023
  • Premium Episode 64 - Cooker No Rally - Lau-ren Boe-bert - Russell Brand (sample)

    Here's a preview of this weeks premium epiosde. From as little as five bucks a month! Don't make me get all weird and shame you like Dave Oneegs does - if you can't afford it, you just need to like want it more. Winners grindset bro.

    If any of you are missing out because you're actually broke drop me a line and I'll send you a file. It's the honour system so don't tell me fibs!

    Enjoy the free snippet!



    Patrons! Thanks for your patience - this one took a couple weeks but I needed to get my evidence assignment done in a desperate week of losing hair and doing stuff. 

    And we are back with another 'black label' episode of the utmost quality. Actually, my headphones screwed up not once but twice leaving it rather out of sync. Instead of re-recording or editing it properly with something like descript I've just mashed it all together and hoped for the best. I didn't want to leave any details out and wanted this to be released while it's still relevant. 

    So we look at the cookerfest No rally in Sydney on Saturday that was basically just a festival of adoration for Guru and look at how trashy Lauren Boebert is. Very. 

    Then we have an inevitable chat bout Russell Brand who is a massive sex pest and cooked idiot who is hiding behind his bullshit beliefs but likely in lots of trouble. 


    15m | Sep 25, 2023
  • Episode 143 - The Albanian Mafia

    Coke prices are too damn high! Who ya gonna call? The Albanian Mafia!

    We're only half kidding. Australians are prepared to pay dumb amounts of money for coke - and that creates a special kind of market. When one of the poorest countries in Europe realises a bunch of ad execs in Sydney will pay 'through the nose' for a bag, well, they see opportunity.

    The Comancheros might take issue to this, though. Through the price fixing mechanism referred to as 'the commission' a network of dealers and distributors are keeping prices high and enjoying the profits. With the wild margins on offer in Australia, they can source coke from places like Chicago instead of Columbia. Less guns. Less lunatics. More money.

    Enter the Albanians. Wonder why people keep getting shot? Albanians. They are moving in and they want to take over the lucrative coke trade. A trail of bodies in their wake.

    But will this lower the price of coke? If so, Joel is onboard.


    1h 3m | Sep 24, 2023
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