The Conditional Release Program

Welcome to The Conditional Release Program, a podcast that delves into the netherworld of cults, crims and con artists.

We don’t like these people and it shows. We believe the best way to expose them is to hold them up to a harsh light, point our index fingers in their general direction and mock them mercilessly, take them down a peg or two until they cease to exist in any other form than the shit on our shoes.

Hosted by Jack the Insider and Joel Hill with a rotation of guests that generally share our distaste toward the lunatic fringe.


Episode 4 - Sovereign Citizens
Show Details50min 37s
Episode 3 - Meredith Burgmann on apartheid activism, prison reform and Franca Arena
Show Details1hr 8min
Episode 2 - Introduction to TCRP and Q-Anon Chatter.
Show Details1hr 5min
Episode 1 - Introduction to Q, SovCits, Incels and the program.
Show Details31min 58s