TBK News - Headlines

TBK News Headlines is a weekly digest of the community's latest goings-on with a short and snappy podcast sounded by passionate individuals of diverse backgrounds, skill levels and interests. The Butterfly Kingdom, in plain words, is a platform of creative works to entertain, educate and excite young aspiring creators and individuals of its community; operated on a text and voice chat application called Discord.


Monarch Network in pursuit of applicants as Discord ameliorations finalise
Show Details4min 25s
Project M unveiled as Monarch Network as concerns about data protection rise
Show Details2min 11s
TBK becoming a non-profit organisation tackling lack of creativity in schools
Show Details3min 50s
Point-based task assignment looks promising as TBK prepares for an advertised approach to recruitment
Show Details2min 56s
Preparations speeding adjacent to upcoming Project M’s Gamemode Reveal
Show Details2min 12s
Project M’s Conspectus to be Drafted while TBK amid the recent changes Updates its Mission
Show Details3min 1s
Project M Put on Emergency State to Revitalise the Scheme
Show Details3min 40s
TBK News Launches Podcast in Attempt to Encourage Reading of Stories
Show Details2min 55s