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Tangents With Toby

Tangents with Toby is a weekly podcast that takes you for a ride in his work van as we both go for a trip in the South East part of Saskatchewan. Not knowing the topic till the day of recording, Tangents with Toby is a podcast that has no set niche or genre in mind so every show us 100% different from the week before unless it's a series. Let's hop in, buckle up then come for the topics but stay for the journey. Disclaimer*This shows audio quality is not studio produced but rather produced in a moving mini van which decreases the quality.Every episode quality will vary from time to time as it depends on the equipment that is available as well as the outside weather. The weather could add extra wind noise to rain falling on the windshield to other vehicles driving by. Listener discretion is advised.


Great find
Show Details8min 26s
Massive Rant
Show Details5min 14s
To my surprise
Show Details5min 54s
No real topic
Show Details11min 2s
November sucks
Show Details4min 43s
Happy Halloween
Show Details14min 13s
Top 5 favorite video games (update)
Show Details21min 2s
Little bit of this little bit of that
Show Details32min 2s
How I met your uncle
Show Details9min 14s
Video Games aren't appreciated
Show Details15min 46s
I'm safe from this weekend
Show Details12min 19s
Tv Shows, Top 5 (Update)
Show Details19min 49s
Love the doctor
Show Details6min 30s
Classic video games
Show Details11min 2s
Moving the show
Show Details4min 49s
It's been found
Show Details15min 43s
TJ has taken over the show
Show Details20min 20s
This show sucks
Show Details6min 45s
Question Call June Edition
Show Details21min 26s
Video Game System with Special Host TJ
Show Details22min 38s
Top five things every male should have
Show Details12min 34s
Breaking news about future shows
Show Details2min 58s
Gas Station story time
Show Details33min 30s
My day is great. NOT!
Show Details9min 4s
I almost got arrested by who?
Show Details17min 43s
Time Travel Theories
Show Details18min 54s
The day after tomorrow
Show Details20min 1s
The myth, the legend.... Brian
Show Details16min 24s
Question call March
Show Details23min 1s
Listen to people
Show Details18min 27s
PlayStation 2 review
Show Details16min 7s
Important update
Show Details4min 18s
Grandpa is going crazy
Show Details26min 32s
Bucket list
Show Details17min 57s
Alberta Clippers suck
Show Details15min 15s
It's been stretched
Show Details16min 15s
Racing games- Top 5
Show Details14min 37s
Let me explain
Show Details6min 58s
Motocross stories
Show Details29min 21s
Ned Flanders is a Super Dad
Show Details13min 58s
Happy New Year
Show Details8min 6s
Favourite songs - Top 5 hits
Show Details16min 2s
Motocross riders - My top 5 riders
Show Details2min 15s
Question Call July
Show Details27min 1s
Breakfasts - My 5 Favorite dishes
Show Details14min 21s
Ghost Stories
Show Details23min 55s
NHL Goalies- Top 5 Favorite
Show Details16min
Rappers-top 5 favorites
Show Details26min 52s