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a weekly podcast talking about creativity and life in a funny way


Speaking through your artwork FT. Frank aka @hoeshell
Show Details21min 59s
Creating worlds with your creativity ft. Mel aka @ncb0_
Show Details25min 32s
Taking all of the process into your own hands ft. Jr aka @niagarafilmco/@jrkingdon
Show Details16min 25s
Putting more of yourself into your social media presence ft. Amryn aka @amrynshae
Show Details14min 39s
Finding time to do more with your creativity
Show Details7min 44s
Finding creative opportunities by fixing problems ft. Bish aka @dearbish
Show Details17min 18s
Starting to create more and worrying less of the outcome Ft. Todd aka @friendly_obelisk
Show Details26min 15s
Bringing projects to reality ft. Anthony aka @anthony.nusca
Show Details22min 45s
Losing love for what you create
Show Details7min 25s
Expressing your personality next to your art Ft. Jen aka @fairiesrepose
Show Details19min 54s
Finding your identity with art and creativity ft. Forbes aka @Forbessang
Show Details29min 53s
Keeping ideas fresh & Opening shop ft. Sierra aka @someshi_idid
Show Details15min 45s
How to deal with rejection as a creative creator
Show Details7min 18s
Following through with Your ideas
Show Details10min 3s
Finding beauty FT. Bella aka @bellabroughphoto
Show Details18min 13s
Show Details7min 8s
Connecting dots FT. John aka @jj.cardillo
Show Details38min 34s
Show Details8min 22s
Taking a step back FT. Leroy aka @fujicamroy
Show Details27min 7s