Ep. 4b Inferential statistics - mind the gap

17m | Feb 5, 2021

In episode 4b we, Karina and Bernadette, explain some of the notions of error and statistical concepts. We then discuss one of the tasks from the text and present our solutions .

Time cues episode 4b

00:00:39 Part 3: different concepts in inferential statistics

00:01:09 Inferential and descriptive statistics

00:02:18 Error in studies

00:03:20 Errors of observation

00:04:58 Errors of non-observation

00:07:58 Part V: Discussion of Task from: Inference and Error in Surveys

00:08:26 Information before starting

00:09:19 What are the important parameters of the study?

00:10:37Discussion of task 1a)

00:11:24 Discussion of task 1b) and 1c)

00:15:49 Summary

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GROVES, Robert M., et al. “Inference and error in surveys” in: Survey methodology. John Wiley & Sons, 2011. 39-67.

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