Episdode 06b - Full length interview with Blair Taylor from the Institute for Social Ecology

20m | Jan 24, 2022

In this Interview Tim and Blair discuss Social Ecology, what it is and how it can help tackle the crieses of today. Blair talks about his background in environmental and social activism and provides examples where the concept has already been sucessfully applied and how it can give hope to everyone.

Time cues

00:00.0 00:18.7 Preliminaries

00:18.7 03:50.0 Introduction

03:50.0 06:12.0 Why is Social Ecology still relevant today?

06:12.0 10:28.4 How does Social Ecology influence our everyday lives?

10:28.4 12:39.6 Which field of academia would profit the most from integrating Social Ecology?

12:39.6 18:49.2 Which role will Social Ecology play in the future?

18:49.2 20:02.0 Outro


Institute for social ecology

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Cover art: Anna Mahendra

Felix Spieß

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