Episode 06a – “Ecology, Freedom, Equity – What is Social Ecology, how does it influence our lives and what makes it important?”

22m | Jan 24, 2022

With climate change and Covid, times might look bleak but there is hope out there. According Murray Bookchin’s text The Ecology of Freedom the origin social and ecological problems are intertwined and cannot be solved by ignoring one party they are also equally rooted in the attempt to dominate everyone and everything. In this episode Bernadette and Tim will introduce you to the concept of Social Ecology, is it a possible solution to our problems or an outdated concept?


Bookchin, M. (1982). The ecology of freedom (p. 232). New Dimensions Foundation

You can find an online version of the text here

Time cues

00:09 Introduction

00:37 The Status Quo

01:19 Introduction to Social Ecology

02:56 Ecology vs. Environmentalism

03:52 The aims of Social Ecology

04:10 First Nature, Second Nature, Third Nature

05:07 What is “wholeness”?

06:24 Social Ecology, Nature and Hierarchies

10:43 Interview with Blair Taylor from the Institute for Social Ecology

16:38 Definition 1 (of Social Ecology)

17:43 Definition 2 (of Social Ecology)

18:58 The Relevance of Social Ecology today

20:25 Social Ecology in our everyday life

21:39 Farewell

22:12 Outro/Quote


Blair Taylor

Links and ressources

Institute for social ecology

The Text

Democratic Confederalism Beyond the Frontlines – The Building of the democratic system in North and East Syria

Solar Punk Explanation

Mutual Aid – A Factor of Evolution


Cover art: Anna Mahendra

Music: ZakharValaha

Felix Spieß

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