Ep. 4a Inferential statistics - mind the gap

14m | Feb 5, 2021

In episode 4a of talking texts inferential statistics – mind the gap We, Karina and Bernadette,discuss the text: “Inference and error in surveys” in: Survey Methodology by Groves et al. We explain the meaning of the words inference and error, summarize the text and talk about why it is relevant. In addition, we talk about Sherlock Holmes and how statistics can make the world a better place.

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00:00:00 Introduction of hosts, topic and text

00.02.34 Part 1

00.02.34 What does inference mean?

00:03:58 What is error in statistics?

00:04.36 How seeing error from a statistician's point of view might improve our lives

00:05:43 Part 2 What is the text about and why does it matter?

00:05:59 Features of the text we found difficult

00:06:54 Summary of the text

00:08:50 Why is the text relevant

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Cover art: Anna Mahendra

Music Bela Bartok, Irene Damert, Felix Spieß

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