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Welcome to TalkFlirty Podcast the podcast where life is reflected through intimate conversation with me your host NikkiFWet. TalkFlirty Podcast is a podcast that discusses alternative narratives to topics people relate to intimately


Lowered Expectations
Show Details25min 6s
In Love In Fall
Show Details15min 44s
II Timothy
Show Details15min 6s
W.A.P - What About Protecting Fine Lines
Show Details17min 50s
Show Details27min 9s
New Normalcy
Show Details20min 44s
Survival of the Fittest
Show Details14min 4s
What The F**k Happened To The World
Show Details16min 10s
For You I Will
Show Details18min 7s
The Best of Times, The Worst of Times
Show Details20min 59s
Good Girl Gone Bad
Show Details17min 19s
Inner Desires
Show Details17min 42s
A Tale Of Two Coasts
Show Details1hr 21min
How To Talk: Physical Touch
Show Details15min 6s
How To Talk: Acts Of Service
Show Details17min 29s
How To Talk: Receiving Gifts
Show Details18min 24s
How To Talk: Quality Time
Show Details16min 36s
How to Talk: Words of Affirmation
Show Details22min 57s
Queen & Slim
Show Details31min 43s
Introduction To TalkFlirty Podcast
Show Details2min 24s