Talk of Today

Explore developments in the world and what they could mean for our future with Sam Barton.


Idea Markets with Mike Elias
Show Details1hr 55min
Information and Life with Prof. Paul Davies
Show Details1hr 39min
The Constructal Law with Prof. Adrian Bejan
Show Details1hr 42min
Decentralised Organisations with Richard Bartlett
Show Details1hr 21min
The Free Energy Principle with Dr. Maxwell Ramstead
Show Details2hr 49min
Chaos, Order, and Emergent System Design with Matthew Pirkowski
Show Details2hr 16min
America's Freedom Farce
Show Details14min 11s
How to beat COVID-19 with Professor Yaneer Bar-Yam
Show Details1hr 13min
Happiness and Society with Dr. Kostadin Kushlev
Show Details1hr 56min
The Scaling Laws of Life with Geoffrey West
Show Details2hr 3min
High-voltage living with Visakan Veerasamy
Show Details1hr 50min
Insect Population Collapse with Dr Francisco Sanchez-Bayo
Show Details1hr 6min
80,000 hours with Rob Wiblin
Show Details43min 31s
Building a Second Brain with Tiago Forte
Show Details1hr 26min
How Emotions are Made with Lisa Feldman Barrett
Show Details58min 40s
Design Thinking: The Scientific Method Applied to Business
Show Details7min 45s
Sorry Trump. You're wrong about Sovereignty
Show Details11min 32s
Psychedelics with Chris Timmerman
Show Details42min 11s
Meditation and the Brain with Dr Sarah Lazar
Show Details50min 12s
The Inevitable Technologies that will Shape our Future with Kevin Kelly
Show Details53min 40s
The Plight of the Biafran People with Gosife Okekenta
Show Details1hr 8min
The Death of Aging with Aubrey de Grey
Show Details37min 41s
The Future of Food with Dr Liz Specht
Show Details55min 31s
Concussions with Dr Fatima Nasrallah
Show Details32min 57s
Gravitational Waves with Dr Jess McIver
Show Details38min 41s
The Why behind the Podcast - Generalism and Global Citizenship
Show Details10min 6s
The Blockchain, Complexity Economics and Generalism with Kary Bheemaiah
Show Details1hr 15min
The Psychedelic DMT with Dr Rick Strassman
Show Details1hr 16min
The Earth Charter and Global Community with Clem Campbell
Show Details37min 42s
Coral Bleaching and the Great Barrier Reef
Show Details48min 8s
Biohacking with Amal Graafstra
Show Details55min 15s
Universal Basic Income with Dr Karl Widerquist
Show Details1hr 5min
Principles behind Engineering a Viral Idea with Dr Brendan Markey-Towler
Show Details1hr 10min