Talk Murder With Me

Welcome to Talk Murder With Me where I'll discuss murders, mysteries, missing persons and everything in between. Please sit back, relax and enjoy all the sinister stuff this world has to offer with me.


Ep 9: Syko Sam - The Farmville Murders
Show Details31min 49s
Ep 8: House of Horrors - The Turpin Family
Show Details42min 38s
Ep 7: The Murders of Arlis Perry, Leslie Perlov and Janet Taylor
Show Details42min 52s
Ep 6: Grant Amato, Family Annihilator
Show Details39min 36s
Ep 5: The Disappearances of Paul and Sarah Skiba and Lorenzo Chivers
Show Details38min 35s
Ep 4: Cassie Jo Stoddart - The Scream Murder
Show Details32min 45s
Ep 3: Rosendo Rodriguez, The Suitcase Killer
Show Details23min 50s
Ep 2: The Freeway Phantom
Show Details27min 57s
Ep 1: The Murder of Jesse Valencia
Show Details18min 37s