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Tales From Corporate

There is a Formula for Excellence, Failure, Mediocrity, and Success in the corporate world.

Who is listening to the tales of the talented yet still underrepresented in corporate America?

This is Elise, the host of Tales from Corporate.

A woman with years of corporate experience in the financial, tech, and media sectors.

I come to you each week with fresh insights on culture, norms and trending topics in the workplace.

Because Tales of Real Life are stranger than any fiction.

Tune in every Friday for new a episode and listen to Tales from Corporate wherever you get your podcasts.


Tales : Concurrent Mutinies
Show Details26min 27s
Tales : Very Sunny Holmes
Show Details25min 42s
Tales : Communication Plans
Show Details14min 31s
Tales : When The Wall Hits You!
Show Details26min 18s
Tales : Sticky Fingers
Show Details24min 19s
Tales : Spirit-Less Air
Show Details24min 7s
Tales : RTO - Delta Lambda I Don't Wanna (Go Back?)
Show Details15min 48s
Tales : Invisible Figures
Show Details19min 10s
Tales : Exceptionally Confident, Minimally Qualified
Show Details41min 3s
Tales : Diversity Equity Inclusion (DE&I)
Show Details34min 5s
Tales : Mutiny on the [HMS] Bounty
Show Details38min 10s
Tales : F*ck you, Pay Me! Total Compensation
Show Details42min 24s
Tales : The Big Quit
Show Details19min 10s
Tales : RTO Limbo (Return to the Office)
Show Details25min
Tales : The Current Gig Economy
Show Details27min 17s
Tales : Return to the Office?
Show Details30min 22s
Tales : Disruption & Innovation
Show Details39min 29s
Tales : Parachutes, What Color is Yours?
Show Details32min 2s
Tales : Follow The Yellow Brick Road
Show Details44min 59s
Tales : Squeaky Clean
Show Details36min 47s
Tales : Who We Are
Show Details24min 47s
Coming Soon : Tales From Corporate
Show Details51s