Take the L

Looking for something raw, transparent with no frills or fluff? Look no further than this podcast. Join host, Juniper Promise as she extracts value from mistakes and obstacles common to the human experience. Come and hear stories about owning setbacks and making sense of life’s challenges. Welcome to the Take the L podcast, your lesson cast. Step right in. Xoxo


Show up for yourself!
Show Details17min 32s
Desert Places
Show Details20min 46s
Just Pivot!
Show Details17min 46s
Kindness Goes a Far Way
Show Details14min 31s
Wings to Fly
Show Details12min 24s
Show Details8min 40s
Big Hug
Show Details12min 31s
Upon the Waters
Show Details14min
Show Details14min 55s
The Questioning Path
Show Details9min 21s
Owning the Expression of You
Show Details10min 24s
Go Within
Show Details5min 7s
Take the L (Trailer)
Show Details29s