Come Follow Me // Acts 22-28

52m | Aug 4, 2023

Paul retells his experience on the road to Damascus twice in this week's Come Follow Me chapters. He is going to share his testimony with the same mob that tried to kill him in Acts 21 as well as King Agrippa II -- who happens to be the great-grandson of the Herod that killed all of the children in an attempt to stop the coming Messiah.

What do you make of Agrippa's statement: "Almost thou persuadest me to be a Christian."? Do you think he was saying that Paul and nearly convinced him? Or, like some modern-day translators, do you think he was being sarcastic?

As a teaching idea for Come Follow Me this week, whether in your family or a gospel doctrine class, ask your class how they might describe a group of people that had nearly beaten them to a pulp. Notice what Paul calls the mob in Acts 22. Why does Paul choose those three words to describe his persecutors? What do you learn about Paul from that verse? In what ways is Paul teaching us about Jesus Christ in that single verse?

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