Tactical Chin Wag

A Tactical Chin Wag about all things military from interviews with military personal and vets to the latest topics in military video games!


Episode 11 - Jim Galvin
Show Details48min 51s
Episode 10 - Steve Jillings AKA MY DAD!
Show Details44min 18s
Episode 9 - My Eating Disorder
Show Details13min 5s
Episode 8 - Should You Join The Military?
Show Details17min 54s
Episode 7 - Ollie Ollerton
Show Details56min 10s
Episode 6 - My Deployment (Q&A)
Show Details21min 18s
Episode 5 - Jim Galvin
Show Details49min 59s
Episode 4 - Jarred Taylor
Show Details46min 12s
Episode 3 - Names Nicco
Show Details51min 4s
Episode 2 - Gen Dit Commando
Show Details46min 48s
Episode 1 - Introduction & My Drive For The Green Beret
Show Details13min 35s