Synthetic Voice Storytelling

My first, experimental #audiobook versions and #Narrative #fiction turned #mp3. Intended, as a growing collection of those files, which I cannot offer for sale due to copyright & trademark.

Greetings, and welcome. “Instead of just giving-up.” That is the key-sentence, when it comes to why I, after return from homelessness in Germany, restarted my #ebook writing and #audiofiction #storytelling.

My skill level is limited, but I am no longer doing really bad. I follow the author 101, I run proofreading software, I place the explicit language warning, when needed, and I am by now an award-winning author & an award-winning reviewer. Not that special, and I need to grow readership and customer numbers, I know.

Or, I just do it for fun, and don’t expect to ever turn it into my job. My fascination for synthetic voices began, when I tried to avoid a clear rip-off by voice actors, who asked sums of $ 50.00,- to $ 250,- (each participant PER HOUR OF WORK), without any guarantees, or qualifications, offered in return.

I know that #audiofiction is not as entertaining, as full-cast #audiodrama. But I also know, what I can do on my own, and what (sadly) not. I myself was a fan of Radio Campfire Theater, the 19th Nocturne Boulevard by Julie Hoverson, and the Frozen Frights team around Jeff Adams. I also enjoyed the #British (heralds UK English) Mark Gatiss with his “The Devil in Amber”, as it was the outstanding part of the trilogy, when it comes to how much effort and care he did put into narrating it himself.

Being still comparably unknown, I hope to learn from how my works are received, freebies or sales files, and on scoring some #reviews, which focus informing customers what they get. I will be more happy about 200 2-star reviews, which are factual and true than about 500 faked, or paid for, 5-star reviews, which I, in my own words, would simply call fraudulent.

I am a street-survivor, one more idiot, who thought he could recover from university dropout, and a man with some supposedly terminal-in-ending health issues. I am also still a nicotine addict aka smoker.

These files here are all cost-free. If I monetize this #newsletter, then so subscribers can negotiate with me. In example by telling me the background music from that file and the story from another would be more their own fancy, as I REALLY do the writing, the proofread software hours, the critics & beta-readers, the audio-scripting, equalizer setting and background music adding (of licensed files free to use).

I wish each of you a wonderful weekend, though, as one more minor activist against #rapeculture and against #racism, I know that Johnny Cash was true, sooner, or later, God will cut each of us down (in a way). Sadly so, God resolve, what we insolent mortals fucked-up once again, please!


Special - A Crowbar and some Dare!
Show Details7min 27s
Victorian London Horror: A Seance Gone Awry!
Show Details14min 14s
Creepy Pasta Style - When Paranoia Comes Knocking
Show Details13min 21s
Jacky's Prince of Dreams
Show Details7min 50s
Gayferatu - The Art of Homophobia - Out For Butt! PREVIEW
Show Details15min 14s
Newscast: In Troubled Times (FirstDraft)
Show Details6min 16s
Dreamer's Demise - A Clash of Cultists
Show Details25min 42s
The Astounding Case of the Final Lover - My own Warlock Holmes interpretation
Show Details56min 30s
Beyond the Magic Quill: Deadly Secrets of my Warlock Holmes
Show Details6min 51s
Late Vengeance For Harley Warren - An optional aftermath of Randolph Carter's statement.
Show Details7min 24s
Der GossenElf - Die Verschwoererin im Ballkleid
Show Details7min 27s
PsychoKrimi: Andre Michael Pietroschek's - Pathologisch! (Vorschau)
Show Details16min
Humorous Teaser: Pietroschek's Warlock Holmes
Show Details7min 29s
The Liber Kiffmet Legend: An occult dream with dope, grass, and weed!
Show Details15min 41s
Ministory: Shadowrun - Trial by Hellfire
Show Details6min 46s
Storytelling Rogues: Rude Awakening - Prelude by A. M. Pietroschek
Show Details11min 45s
Audiostory: Family Affairs aka My Avenging Vampire by A. M. Pietroschek
Show Details10min