Swapping Shoes

Authentic conversations with some of the most skilled athletes and well-known figures in the parkour community. The host, Luis Alkmim, takes the interviews deep into the sport's culture to share insights and stories that lacked a home.


Ep. 7 - Sam Ultima
Show Details34min 4s
Ep. 6 - Jimmy The Giant
Show Details26min 20s
Ep. 5 - Marc Busch
Show Details19min 31s
Ep. 4 - Nico Vanhole
Show Details18min 24s
Ep. 3 - Dom di Tommaso
Show Details19min 56s
Ep. 2 - Toby Segar
Show Details14min 39s
Ep. 1 - Matthias Mayer
Show Details19min 23s