Optimizing Your Walks

Episode 465
37m | May 14, 2024

Modern life panders to our innate desire to be sedentary, and never has it been more difficult to resist the alluring convenience of screens.

Yet walking matters. On today's show author Annabel Abbs-Streets suggests tangible ways to attain the full range of benefits that walking has to offer — physical, emotional, and spiritual — that's backed by latest research.


Here's a preview:

[7:00] A laundry list of all the physiological benefits of walking and hiking for movement (get ready to be blown away)

[11:00] Why it's important to walk with our eyes, plus: the mental health benefits associated with panoramic vision

[16:00] Want more calm in your life? Research finds that these very specific nature sounds matter

[21:00] Terpenes, baby! Large trees offer us these psychological and physiological benefits

[25:00] Don't shy away from that mud puddle. Soil microbes matter!

[30:00] How to best optimize your daily walk for health and wellness benefits



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