Produce Without Pesticides

Episode 464
44m | May 9, 2024

While fresh fruits and vegetables are irreplaceable parts of a healthy diet, pesticides aren't benign. Sadly, many of our favorite produce items carry unhealthy levels of pesticides, and each one comes with its own unique risk profile.

On today's show: A comprehensive review of the most recent research into pesticides in produce.

Here's a preview:

[5:00] Not all pesticides are the same, and different pesticides have different risk profiles

[10:00] DDT, bald eagles, Silent Spring, and America's history with pesticides

[19:00] Stephanie's thoughts on the EWG's Clean 15 and the Dirty Dozen

[25:00] Are the EPA's maximum residue limits too high?

[30:00] ** You need to know about these countries with organic reciprocity!

[34:00] Does peeling help? How should we best wash conventional produce?

[38:00] For subscribers! 6 concrete action steps for informed consumers


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