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Welcome to Supply Chain Today, a weekly podcast on the latest news and trends in Supply Chain. We will spend about 15 minutes talking with guests and experts from the field, answering trending questions and questions submitted by you.

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Krypt Staffing Services (KSS) - An Introduction
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Warehouse Billing | Supply Chain Today | Shruti Ram
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Artificial Intelligence in Global Trade and Supply Chain
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AI and Supply Chain - Part 02 | Partha Sen
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Risk and Disruption Management using SAP IBP | Andrei Colonescu
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Packaging Unit | Rishi Choubey
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AI and Supply Chain - Part 01 | Partha Sen
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Implementing Trade Preference FIORI Tiles using Non-SAP Feeder System | Ioana Chitila
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SAP GTS & Trade Preference | Andreea Nalbaru
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