Supply Chain Disruption. Is Just-In-Time still the right approach? with AcademyGlobal | Supply Chain Partners

21m | Dec 5, 2022

In this episode at Supply Chain Partners TV & Podcast, we are joined by Genevieve Malcolm, the Director – Operations of AcademyGlobal and Faculty Member Myrene San Gil. Dr Sharyn Grant, Founder of Supply Chain Partners, Gen and Myrene discuss Supply Chain Disruption. Is Just-In-Time still the right approach for organisations?



AcademyGlobal (AG) is a leading provider of corporate and government training in Procurement and Contract Management, Leadership and Management, Risk Management, Sales and Marketing, Project Management, Finance, Negotiation and Restructuring and Turnaround. AG has conducted training in over 20 countries across 5 continents. Their mission is to build capability by designing and delivering engaging and rewarding learning experiences that build confidence, expertise and knowledge.


AcademyGlobal is a valued member of Supply Chain Partners:



In this episode, we learn about AcademyGlobal and Genevieve describes the extensive experience of their Faculty members and covers courses offered by AcademyGlobal to help industry professionals.


Myrene shares her extensive experience working at Toyota and explains why Toyota’s supply chain is so efficient.


We discuss the challenges that Toyota faced during Myrene’s employment and how Toyota overcame them.


Myrene shares five key insights regarding Toyota’s approach to Quality Excellence and Total Quality Management.


Myrene explains Toyota’s role in the Just-In-Time (JIT) system, and its influence on other organisations and answers the question regarding whether JIT is still the right approach for organisations.


Key highlights:

1:09 minutes: An overview of AcademyGlobal.

2:42 minutes: A background of the Faculty at AcademyGlobal.

3:55 minutes: Myrene San Gil’s firsthand experience working at Toyota.

6:10 minutes: Why is Toyota’s supply chain is so efficient?

9:11 minutes: Challenges that Toyota has faced and how they overcame them.

11:09 minutes: How Total Quality Management has impacted other industries and organisations, and five key insights.

14:33 minutes: Toyota’s role in the Just-In-Time (JIT) system and how it has influenced other organisations’ supply and logistics strategies.

18:33 minutes: Is JIT still the right approach for an organisation?

19:03 minutes: Courses offered by AcademyGlobal to help industry professionals.


Watch or listen now for the whole story. Learn how AcademyGlobal can equip you or your team with the knowledge and skills necessary to manage supply chain disruption and achieve your professional and business goals more confidently, through their broad range of training programs delivered by facilitators who are experts in their field, with proven academic and corporate experience.


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CALL: 1300 950 251




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