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16m | Oct 10, 2022

In this episode at Supply Chain Partners Podcast, we are joined by Josh Saunders and Stewart Flecknoe-Brown, the Directors of Logmaster Australia. Dr Sharyn Grant, Founder of Supply Chain Partners, Josh and Stewart discuss managing driver fatigue compliance.


Logmaster Australia is a valued member of Supply Chain Partners:



Logmaster Australia is an electronic work diary (EWD) and transport compliance system that ticks all the boxes. Approved by the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR), the Logmaster Australia fatigue compliance system and mobile app were built for the road transport industry in Australia and designed for drivers, fleet managers and transport companies. Remove the paperwork burden on safety compliance, increase data accuracy and prepare for transport audits with confidence.



In this episode, we discuss the significance of driver fatigue in the road transport industry when driving fatigue-regulated heavy vehicles and the causes of driver fatigue. Josh explains how fatigue impacts driving ability and the laws that cover when transport industry drivers should work and rest.


We discuss the key challenges associated with the traditional way to maintain driver fatigue compliance record keeping requirements, record work and rest hours, and maintain a work diary.


Stewart explains how the manual record keeping process impacts the audit process and key lessons that could help transport companies to improve how they manage fatigue compliance.


Josh shares a real-life example of how Logmaster helped a transport company to increase the efficiency and real-time visibility of driver fatigue compliance, record keeping, driver’s fit-to-drive pre-starts and vehicle maintenance checks – all without needing to be in the office.


We discuss how Logmaster technology works and helps drivers, record keepers, transport companies and business owners to improve how they manage driver fatigue compliance.


Key highlights:

1:08 minutes: Significance of driver fatigue in the road transport industry and causes of fatigue.

1:48 minutes: What is a fatigue-regulated heavy vehicle?

2:17 minutes: How a driver can identify when they are fatigued.

2:50 minutes: How fatigue impacts driving ability.

3:24 minutes: Laws that cover when transport industry drivers should work and rest.

3:53 minutes: Traditional way to maintain records, record hours and maintain a work diary.

4:39 minutes: Key challenges associated with manual record keeping.

5:20 minutes: Who is responsible for driver fatigue compliance record keeping?

5:44 minutes: Audit process for driver fatigue compliance and impact of manual record keeping.

6:31 minutes: Real-life example of how Logmaster helped a transport company.

8:07 minutes: Key lessons to improve management of driver fatigue compliance.

9:00 minutes: How Logmaster technology works.

10:10 minutes: How Logmaster helps truck drivers and heavy vehicle drivers to manage driver fatigue compliance.

11:08 minutes: How Logmaster helps record keepers to manage driver fatigue compliance.

11:52 minutes: How Logmaster helps transport companies to manage driver fatigue compliance.

13:25 minutes: Logmaster compatibility with smartphones and tablets.

14:15 minutes: How to see a Logmaster demonstration.

14:38 minutes: How to purchase Logmaster.


Listen to the podcast now for the whole story. Learn how Logmaster can help your transport company to improve driver fatigue compliance, increase record keeping efficiency and visibility, collect driver fatigue data accurately and automatically, reduce stress around audit time, and improve driver safety and productivity.


For more information, contact Logmaster:


CALL: (02) 7228 6269




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