The Relationship Between Supply Chain Data & Value-Adding Logistics Actions with Ligentia Australia

14m | Apr 1, 2024

In this episode at Supply Chain Partners TV & Podcast, we are joined by Tim Polson, the General Manager, Solutions at Ligentia Australia. Dr Sharyn Grant, Founder of Supply Chain Partners, and Tim discuss the relationship between supply chain data & value-adding logistics actions.


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Ligentia Australia is a leading supply chain management technology and freight services provider with freight forwarding and customs solutions covering air, road, rail and sea, and on-demand warehousing and fulfilment services.


Ligentia Australia makes complex, global supply chains agile and sustainable, and international freight management easier. Their team of dedicated, passionate problem solvers, backed by smart technology and flexible infrastructure, are here to make supply chains less complicated. With 25 years of experience serving some of the most advanced retail customers in the world, plus many other industries, Ligentia’s advanced SKU-level technology and experts worldwide will add value to your entire supply chain.


Serving a range of customers across sectors including consumer brands, healthcare, agriculture, automotive, mining and industrial, Ligentia builds supply chains that are flexible, sustainable and ready to handle unexpected change. This is possible through Ligentix, their supply chain management platform, which was developed in collaboration with customers like you and designed to inform critical decision-making across your entire supply chain.



In this episode, we discuss key challenges encountered with supply chain data and order fulfilment issues in international supply chains. 

Tim shares how, at Ligentia, they assist their customers to identify and address issues with orders and data accuracy using their smart technology platform Ligentix and international supply chain teams. With the early insight provided by the data, their origin teams are able to take operational actions to address order discrepancies before shipment, providing greater visibility and proactive problem solving, as well as a smoother receipting process at the point of destination.

Tim explains how Ligentia uses performance benchmarking to enable Ligentia and their customers to measure and evaluate performance throughout the supply chain, to pinpoint issues early and to proactively implement corrective actions.


Key Highlights:

00:35 minutes: Brief overview of Ligentia and the types of companies they help.

02:21 minutes: Order fulfilment challenges encountered regarding supply chain data and value-adding actions.

04:26 minutes: Addressing supply chain data accuracy issues using Ligentia’s smart technology Ligentix and their international supply chain teams.

06:33 minutes: Addressing supply chain issues at a supply chain strategy level.

07:43 minutes: Using performance benchmarking to pinpoint and correct issues within international supply chains.

10:12 minutes: Uncovering data-driven insights.

11:05 minutes: Overview of Ligentia’s value-adding services and how Ligentia drives value for its customers.


Watch or listen now for the whole story. Learn how Ligentia Australia can help your business to identify and address supply chain data accuracy and order fulfilment issues in advance across your global supply chains, using early-warning smart technology and proactive international supply chain teams, to resolve issues and improve performance from point of origin to destination.


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EMAIL: Tim Polson



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