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Super Thursday | CVCC AGD

Welcome to Super Thursday! We are a podcast hosted by the Advertising + Graphic Design program at Catawba Valley Community College in Hickory NC. Join us each Thursday as we discuss our favorite parts of the program, interview alumni, recount hilarious stories, and learn what "Trusting the Process" is all about! If you're interested in graphic design or just like listening to a group of college students talking about their journey, this is the podcast for you. As long as you don't use Comic Sans, you're welcome here! 

Learn more about CVCC's Advertising + Graphic Design Program at!

2021–2022 Podcast Production Team: Stephanie Huitron, Joshua Rodriguez, Baylee Reynolds, Julia Menzies

2020–2021 Podcast Production Team: Ashley Barnett (, Kayla Seabock (, Rodrigo Gonzalez (, Keyley Sigmon (, Devyion Smyre (, Savannah Blackburn (


015 | Meet the Faculty: Mr. Tallman and Mrs. Houser
Show Details37min 42s
014 | The Start of 2nd Year!
Show Details19min 40s
013 | This & That: Analog & Digital
Show Details9min 26s
012 | Trusting the Process: Jamie Bruckmann, 2021 Adobe Certified Associate National Championship Finalist
Show Details25min 24s
Super Thursday Season 2 Trailer
Show Details1min 36s
011 | Season 2 is a GO!
Show Details11min 38s
010 | Real World, Here We Come!
Show Details30min 5s
009 | Undone: Logos, Marks, & Taglines
Show Details10min 23s
008 | A+GD Alumni: Elisabeth Blocker, Matthew Bowman, & Melissa Mooney
Show Details33min 44s
007 | Advice from the AGD Class of 2021
Show Details7min 27s
006 | Trusting the Process: Maggie Shugart + Chloe Wickham
Show Details30min 25s
005 | Vision 2021, CVCC Student Art Show
Show Details34min 50s
004 | Undone: Typography
Show Details10min 53s
003 | A+GD Alumni: Kirsten Pierce
Show Details13min 13s
002 | Trusting the Process: Chloe Huffman
Show Details8min 59s
001 | Welcome to Super Thursday!
Show Details16min 11s
Super Thursday Trailer
Show Details38s