Im Not a Step-Father, I'm the Father That STEPPED UP! *High IQ UFC, Boxing and Shit Talk*

1h 48m | Apr 30, 2022

URGENT! D-Razz, our co-host, made his pro debut against a local first responder, which can be viewed here Charges are pending for all parties involved.

URGENT! If you have something to say to us, or the other freaks out there, hit us up at and let us know what's up. We will read your shit on-air no matter what it says.

Since this is being uploaded the morning after, I regret to inform you all that I do not remember what was discussed in this podcast. I think we might have talked about Andrei Arlovski again for 20 minutes, probably focused on his 05'-07' run. I think we also mentioned something about slam pigs and if Sasha Banks is still fucking fans. Sorry guys, I will make notes next time, so just listen and maybe shoot me an email with the description of the episode so I can edit this.

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