I said I would HANG MYSELF if Canelo ever fought Bivol... *Michael Chandler is NOT racist*

1h 16m | May 13, 2022

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Our guy D-Razz made his boxing debut against a single father out of Detroit, MI last month. Here it is:

Yeah I said it.. I said I would kill myself if Canelo ever fought Bivol. Now I'm doubling down by promising to take someone with me if Canelo has a rematch against Bivol.

  • Fuck *******, ********, ****** and dykes.
  • One of our own puts WWE diva _____ in her place. (One of the two bimbos from Australia.)

I know its the second time in a row, but since this podcast was recorded late last night I have no idea what we talked about. Im guessing slampigs and Canelo but I dont want to officially include it as that would be VERY controversial if we were wrong. Enjoy.

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