• Episode 16: Welcome Back!

    This episode i’m riding solo and I wanted to vibe with you all and just enjoy some good tunes and talk about whatever comes to my mind. Feels great to bring your weekly escape back!!!

    1h 2m | Jul 29, 2022
  • Episode 15: “YEARNING”

    We are finally back in the studio for episode 15, we took a little break, but we are back for your weekly escape,

    1h 14m | Jul 8, 2022
  • It’s Scary OutSide, Call me

    Welcome back to your weekly escape, today we get into a couple different things like artist who have a lot of soul, to Derricks experience at the Roots Picnic in Philly and as always some of the best indie R&B music out right now!

    1h 22m | Jun 10, 2022
  • Episode:12 MJ vs MJ w/ Feat The Singer

    The gang is all back and we’re getting bigger and better, this week we discuss all things R&B. We go over White MJ vs Black MJ who had the better hits. JT selling his masters for 100 million!! And our Special Guest “Feat The Singer” plays his latest record and so much more on your weekly escape

    1h 23m | Jun 3, 2022
  • Go Crazy

    We are back! And on this episode we had a lot of new voices come and kick it with us and on a ongoing discussion about influential artist in R&B history and some of the top vocalist ever and of course some great music! Your weekly escape is back.

    1h 7m | May 27, 2022
  • Episode 10: “Life Been Lifein”

    Welcome back to your weekly escape here at Summers Ovver Radio. On this episode we dig deep into mental health as a musician and the negative impact urban music may have on society! It’s a episode you don’t wanna miss!

    1h 36m | May 13, 2022
  • EP:9 “ Icon Level”

    the crew is back this week! We are here with a few other to join in the conversation about the top producers of all time: Dream Collabs! And so much more! So just come kick it at best place for Indie R&B. WE GOT You every week.

    1h 21m | May 6, 2022
  • EPISODE: 8 “Kickback”

    Welcome back to your weekly escape here at Summers Ovver Radio! Come kick it with us, great music and good convos! At the best place for Indie/Underground R&B

    1h 10m | Apr 29, 2022
  • EPISODE: 7 Hot Take Overload

    Your favorite weekly escape crew is back and this conversation got a little crazy with all the hot takes we made, but the music is still and always will be amazing! The best place for the best new/up and coming R&B talent.

    1h 33m | Apr 22, 2022
  • Episode: 6 "Overrated"

    Welcome to the new era of Summers Ovver Radio Derrick Juwan and myself get into a good convo about who we think are top 5 artist in R&B who think is overrated and some other crazy HOT takes, Come and enjoy ya weekly wind down with Summers Ovver Radio.

    1h 16m | Apr 15, 2022
  • Episode 5: "I Go By"

    Today is a special episode because we are introducing our newest member and Co-Host "Derrick Juwan" a R&B singer, songwriter actor from Philadelphia, Pa. we discuss what we love about R&B and who are some of our fav artist in Indie R&B and Mainstream. Its time for your weekly escape here at Summers Ovver Radio

    Reggie Becton: RM. 143

    Dan Bravo: Stardust

    Fiction: Outta Site/Outta Mind

    Joel: Clean Up

    Eric Bellinger - Hype Beast

    Derrick Juwan - Something New

    Byron June - Nice Guy

    Projex Santana - Can’t help Myself

    Jahkoy - Firefighter

    ArJaySoul - what are the Odds

    Yo Trane - Time & Space

    Raven Justice- Not That Serious( Remix)

    Jacob Latimore - Live What You Say

    George Lovett - Promise

    1h 14m | Apr 8, 2022
  • EPISODE:4 Escape

    with everything that happened at the oscars lets take some time away from traditional news and events and get back to feeling good, let's escape from the world and get lost in the music.

    Follow Me

    IG; @Summers_Ovver

    Twitter: @SummersOvver

    Youtube: Youtube.com/SummersOvver

    TRACK LIST (In Order)

    Trevor Jackson - JUST FRIENDS

    Otis Kane- Wanna Love You

    George Lovett - Promise

    Ehll Evans - I Missed You Too

    Will Gittens- Toxic

    Obrian - Wearin’ You Down

    K Major - Underneath 

    Olive Amun - Crazy For Your Love

    Wilbert Aaron - Time Out

    Ivy - Lotion

    Sara Diamond - Say My Name Again

    Brent Piyaz - Trust

    5ive - watch out

    Derek King - Stories

    NBDY - Situationship

    K- Si Yang - Touch Me

    Roy Simmons - 9pm

    Reggie Couz - For Me

    Beano French - JWND

    Jermaine Elliot - Risky

    AloneInaParty - Wish You Were Here

    Elliot Trent - Motions

    Kaleb Mitchell - FOOL


    1h 16m | Apr 1, 2022
  • Episode:3 "Vibin"

    This weeks Episode we just gonna vibe and let the music speak for the most part, come in and hear some dope R&B music, Your number one place for amazing up and coming R&B artist.

    Track List

    Byron June - Nice Guy

    LoverBoy Bass - Miss Me Kiss Me

    Summers Ovver - Trust Issues

    Kevin Antoni - Too Late

    JahKoy - FireStarter

    Kenyon Dixon - What I Like

    SLMN - Late Bloomer

    Raven Justice - That Serious (remix)

    Sara Diamond - Say My Name Again

    Marr Grey - What A Feeling

    August Rigo - R&B Crying

    Pizarro - Chances

    Ehll Evans - I Missed You Too

    Fiction - Outta Sight/Outta Mind

    John Concepcion - Hear You Say

    Alexxx.Musicc - Jealous

    Uilliam - Jorja

    Adrian Marcel - I Gotchu (End Of The Day)

    Jaylon Ashaun - Pedals

    John Concepcion - Spooky Link

    1h 2m | Mar 25, 2022
  • Episode:2 "R&B is NOT DEAD"

    We are back with Episode 2 and we back bringing you the future faces of R&B and this time we got the track list for you all so you can keep up with the new music every week. Summers Ovver goes over why he thinks at this moment R&B is not dead and how It's growing and evolving. So sit back and kick it with us we got you!

    Episode 2 Tracklist

    -Derrick King - Stories

    -VSW - Sundown

    -Jaylon Ashuan - Petals

    -Elliot Trent - Backwards

    -Ulliam - Jorja Smith

    -Kevin AntoniYo - Too Late

    -Adrian Marcel - I Gotchu (End Of The Day)

    -Fiction - OxyTocin

    -Rohail - Mami Can You

    -Maurice Moore - In My Head

    -Nude - Space City Prelude

    -PromKnght - My Baby

    -John Concepcion - Spooky Link

    -Tray Milz - Somebody

    -Kalin White - IDC bout the club, I just want you

    -Reggie Couz - For Me

    -JahKoy - FireFighter

    -Tems-Free Mind

    1h 1m | Mar 4, 2022
  • Episode 1 | "Hi Summers"

    The Moment is finally here, Summers Ovver radio has arrived and i could not be more excited to give you all these R&B vibes and introducing myself too all the R&B lovers of the world who wanna hear the up and coming faces of the Genre we all call about.

    1h 1m | Feb 25, 2022
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