Suicide Noted

Each year, millions of people around the world attempt to take their own lives- millions. And we almost never talk about it. On this podcast, I talk with suicide attempt survivors, so we can hear their stories- in their words.

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Emma in South Africa
Show Details52min 43s
Madi in North Dakota
Show Details45min 14s
Dorri in New York
Show Details54min 48s
Ashleigh in South Africa
Show Details1hr
Kim in Illinois
Show Details1hr 7min
Thomas in Denmark
Show Details59min 7s
Katie in Pennsylvania
Show Details52min 11s
Vandy in Illinois
Show Details53min 3s
Samantha in New Mexico
Show Details33min 1s
Jamie in New York
Show Details40min 49s
April in Virginia
Show Details43min 5s
Taylor in Minnesota
Show Details53min 5s
Susan in Maryland
Show Details1hr 11min
Jordan in Oregon
Show Details34min 10s
Ryan in Ohio
Show Details43min 24s
Cheri in Michigan
Show Details50min 55s
Bill in Ontario
Show Details50min 57s
Courtney in Louisiana
Show Details37min 43s