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Study Abroad Stories

Traveling makes you a storyteller. Our previous study abroad students are walking novels, and it’s time for their experiences to be shared with the world.

This podcast will provide you with tips & tricks about studying abroad via solo-episodes, interviews, and stories.

Tune in to hear stories of adventure, friendship, and personal growth that aim to inspire you to step out of your comfort zones and into the beautiful unknown.  

*Our Summer and Winter (in-person) Programs are open to all undergraduate students in the United States.*.

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EP. 23: (Interview) The Psychology of Study Abroad
Show Details36min 26s
EP. 22: (Solo-Episode) Study Abroad BEFORE Your Last Semester of College
Show Details6min 23s
EP. 21: (Interview) Find Direction by Studying Abroad- City College Amsterdam Semester Abroad
Show Details26min 31s
EP. 20: (Interview) NY from the Eyes of Two Spanish and Portuguese Students
Show Details27min 24s
EP. 19: (Solo-Episode) Semester Study Abroad vs. Exchanges
Show Details10min 47s
EP. 18: (Solo-Episode) Taking Major Courses vs. Electives Abroad
Show Details12min 5s
EP. 17: (Interview) A University Near the Beach? - Semester in Barcelona
Show Details23min 5s
EP. 16: (Interview) The Lasting Impact of Studying Abroad- Semester in Barcelona
Show Details25min 50s
EP. 15: Interview with a Professor and Former Diplomat: Language Learning & Leveraging Study Abroad for your Career
Show Details28min 4s
EP. 14: (Interview) Making Connections through Virtual Study Abroad
Show Details11min 18s
Season 1, Part 2 - April 21, 2021
Show Details30s
Season 1, PART 2- Coming Soon...
Show Details30s
EP. 13: (Interview) Hacking the Gilman Scholarship
Show Details31min 16s
EP. 12: STORY SERIES: “The Time I Watched France Win the World Cup in France”
Show Details3min 31s
EP. 11: (Interview) A University with a Zoo? Why Study at Regent’s University London? (SEMESTER IN ENGLAND)
Show Details23min 17s
EP. 10: (Interview) SEMESTER IN ENGLAND: Taylor’s Adventures in London & Why Traveling in Europe is Cheaper Than You Think
Show Details21min 52s
EP. 9: STORY SERIES: “The First Time I Went to Italy”
Show Details3min 31s
EP. 8: (Interview) SEMESTER IN IRELAND: How Studying Abroad Can Impact Your Career & Why You Should Study at Mary Immaculate College
Show Details23min 57s
EP. 7: (Interview) NATIONAL STUDENT EXCHANGE: How You Can Study in a Different State & Juliet’s Life-Changing Experience in NY through NSE
Show Details22min 6s
EP. 6: STORY SERIES: “The Time I Studied in Paris for a Summer”
Show Details3min 18s
EP. 5: (Interview) WINTER IN SOUTH AFRICA: Anna’s Unforgettable Time in Cape Town & Why You Should Step Outside of Your Comfort Zone
Show Details25min 51s
EP. 4: (Interview) WINTER IN AUSTRALIA: Anna’s Adventurous Australian Summer & How Studying Abroad Is Different Than Regular School
Show Details23min 39s
EP. 3: STORY SERIES: “The Time I Watched the Sunrise in Italy”
Show Details3min 19s
EP. 1: (Solo-Episode) Podcast Intro. & Why Study Abroad?
Show Details9min 46s
EP. 2: (Interview) YEAR IN JAPAN: How studying at Waseda University Impacted Coney & How to Make New Friends Abroad
Show Details23min 21s
Study Abroad Stories - Coming Soon...
Show Details30s