Stronger Together Closer to God

Stronger Together, Closer to God podcast is a relationship focus discussion hosted by Vernon and Anya Myers, Founders of Stronger Together Closer to God Ministry and Marriage Coaches for Elevation Church Online Marriage eGroups.

We all are searching for guidance when it comes to our relationship. Whether you are dating, courting, engaged, newly married, or been married for some time, it is a great idea to find the right people to give you the right counsel for your relationship. Each podcast will contain common sense wisdom and guidance on maximizing and applying God's word and the Holy Spirit to fulfill God's calling for you and your significant other's everyday life.

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Episode 0025: Which Chapter in the Bible Needs to Be the Foundation for Your Marriage
Show Details10min 21s
Episode 0024: How to GAUGE Your Conversations
Show Details15min 54s
Episode 0023: Watch Out Who You Speak To About Your Relationship
Show Details14min 16s
Episode 0022: Be on God's Team
Show Details9min 32s
Episode 0021: Could A Woman Propose to a Man
Show Details14min 42s
Episode 0020_Courting vs. Dating
Show Details19min 5s
Episode 0019_Is the Bible Real
Show Details13min 58s
Episode 0018_How a Vision Led Us to Become Marriage Coaches
Show Details10min 15s
Episode 0017_Fan Question: Why Do We Celebrate Our Marriage Every Month
Show Details5min 47s
Episode 0016 - Checkpoint in Your Relationship or Marriage
Show Details13min 5s
Episode 0015 Caregiving - Another Relative Plays the Role
Show Details11min 43s
Episode 0014: Caregiver - A Woman After God's Own Heart
Show Details14min 44s
Episode 0013: Caregiver - A Husband Plays a Role
Show Details13min 20s
Episode 0012: Caregiving - The What If ...
Show Details11min 43s
Episode 0011: Comfort the Love Ones: Here and in Heaven
Show Details11min 18s
Episode 0010: Submit in Love and Respect
Show Details12min 8s
Episode 0009: But Words Do Hurt! (Part 2)
Show Details15min 36s
Episode 0008: But Words Do Hurt! (Part 1)
Show Details9min 58s
Episode 0007: A Time to Pray
Show Details12min 26s
Episode 0006: Help! My Spouse Wants a Divorce
Show Details13min 4s
Episode 0005: Check Your Pride Before You Wreck Yourself
Show Details12min 28s
Episode 0004: Grow in Love
Show Details12min 52s
Episode 0003: Men, Know the Benefits of a God Chosen Wife
Show Details9min 13s
Episode 0002: Our Marriage Is Bigger Than Us... A Power Couple’s Story
Show Details10min 26s
Episode 0001: Watch for the Signs...AKA the Flags
Show Details10min 57s
Welcome to Stronger Together Closer to God Podcast
Show Details2min 30s