Stronger Together Closer to God

Stronger Together, Closer to God podcast is a relationship focus discussion hosted by Vernon and Anya Myers, Founders of Stronger Together Closer to God Ministry and Marriage Coaches for Elevation Church Online Marriage eGroups.

We all are searching for guidance when it comes to our relationship. Whether you are dating, courting, engaged, newly married, or been married for some time, it is a great idea to find the right people to give you the right counsel for your relationship. Each podcast will contain common sense wisdom and guidance on maximizing and applying God's word and the Holy Spirit to fulfill God's calling for you and your significant other's everyday life.

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But Words Do Hurt! (Part 1)
Show Details9min 58s
A Time to Pray
Show Details12min 26s
Help! My Spouse Wants a Divorce
Show Details13min 4s
Check Your Pride Before You Wreck Yourself
Show Details12min 28s
Grow in Love
Show Details12min 52s
Men, Know the Benefits of a God Chosen Wife
Show Details9min 13s
Our Marriage Is Bigger Than Us... A Power Couple’s Story
Show Details10min 26s
Watch for the Signs...AKA the Flags
Show Details10min 57s
Welcome to Stronger Together Closer to God Podcast
Show Details2min 30s