Stressed Out Dads

Chad Patterson and Tim Beachum, two dads from North Carolina and Virginia, take their frustrations and irritations to the mic in the Stressed Out Dads podcast. A show that touches on serious, humorous and crazy what-if situations that affect dads and men in general. You'll either be shaking your head in disbelief or splitting your sides with laughter, but you'll definitely be entertained. BE WARNED... Listening my lead to you sleeping on the couch, being kicked out of the house, or getting beat up by your wife and kids. Remember... You've Been Warned.  


Christmas Special
Show Details54min 47s
Big Buns
Show Details38min 46s
One Don't Go With The Other
Show Details51min 59s
Think Back
Show Details1hr 14min
More Questions To Make You Go Hmmm
Show Details1hr 5min
Questions To Make You Go Hmmm.
Show Details52min 23s
Why Do Couples Stay Together That Constantly Argue?
Show Details1hr 4min
When To Have "The Talk" With Your Kids.
Show Details48min 29s
Will It Ever Be The Same Again?
Show Details31min 47s
What Would You Do?
Show Details50min 25s
Skincare Regimen For Men.
Show Details36min 50s
Style Tips For Men.
Show Details40min 42s
Problems That Only Men Deal With.
Show Details45min 59s
Communication Is The Key.
Show Details27min 25s
Should paddling be brought back into schools?
Show Details21min 24s
Are You Insecure In Your Relationship?
Show Details38min 40s
Was Tim's Constitutional Rights Violated?
Show Details55min 20s