Streaming While Black

We are two best friends originally from the Midwest who always have an opinion about everything. Especially about these gritty Internet streets. Our weekly podcast covers everything from what’s trending, celebrity tea, and TV show recaps. We’re an adult show that’s not for everyone and we’re okay with that. Also, we’re new to this so keep the dragging to a minimum, cuz this show is not easy to produce.


Two weddings, one pricey divorce, and a Black superhero’s funeral
Show Details58min 3s
Only dumb smart people need asswhoopings
Show Details54min 7s
That WAP wasn’t with me shooting in the gym
Show Details47min 55s
I know Black is King but Momma I don't like my nose
Show Details58min 2s
Entanglements, Kanye, Bullet Wounds, and Condoms.
Show Details1hr 8min