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Strategies to encourage creativity and innovation

As educators of the 21st century, we have identified creative and innovative students in the classroom through various activities. However, we question ourselves; 

Am I using strategies that encourage creativity and innovation and motivate me to do my powerpoint for me using services like Before answering the question, it is important to recognize these two concepts that, although they are different together, they are the perfect combination.

Let's start by defining creativity that is nothing more than the pure generation or association of ideas that result in a solution. Innovation, on the other hand, is the phase in which a product, idea, or concept is modified and introduced into a market. Understanding both terms, we could visualize both concepts together, fostering creativity and provoking invention.

6 strategies for the effective implementation of creativity and innovation:

  • Eliminate fear - this will prevent students from crashing, everything created by your students is unique. An important factor in eliminating fear is not allowing other students to pass judgment on their peers.
  • Rule out perfectionism - creativity and invention have no limits so the rules should be flexible.
  • Provide a suitable environment - set the room to the theme you are developing, carry out directed activities, present a movie, do a reading where you transport the student to other types of environment.
  • Discover the right moment - every day is not the same and there are factors which we cannot control, for this reason, it is important to discover the ideal moment to exploit the creativity of your students.
  • Introduce the whirlwind of ideas between peers - this socialized discussion will allow the participation of all students, each contribution will resurface another idea that will be reinforced among themselves.
  •  Integrate other subjects - through subject integration, you will increase the options for student creation, remember creativity and invention have no limits.

Through the integration of these strategies, you will realize that you are creating different habits among your students, establishing your own creativity system as an inexhaustible source of ideas.

Did you know these strategies on creativity? What strategies do you use in the classroom? Let me know in the comments.



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