Strange Brau Radio

Strange Brau Radio is the premier paranormal pub podcast. SBR seeks to give voices to those that might not otherwise have them, and what better place then a historic pub. For it's in the "pub" or the Public House where secret stories have always been pint at time.


Show Details1hr 46min
EP 39 Not Alone/Alex Witcombe
Show Details2hr 12min
EP 38 Pandamonium meets Owl Moon/Timothy Renner
Show Details1hr 37min
EP 37 The Owl Moon Lab Recordings
Show Details1hr 17min
EP 36 The Little People:Samantha Ellen Ritchie
Show Details1hr 13min
EP 35 Paranormal Coast Guard: Robyn X
Show Details58min 4s
EP 34 Lived to tell about it: Rodney Rieder
Show Details1hr 5min
EP 33 Dead Awake: Anonymous Witness Bill
Show Details56min 18s
EP 32 Empath & Clairvoyant: Sarah Nash
Show Details30min
EP 31 Manresa Castle Halloween Party: Ron Morehead
Show Details58min 24s
EP 30 Author Christopher O'Brien Talks Sasquatch Secrets
Show Details33min 5s
EP 29 Orbs at close range with Tommy Cooper
Show Details1hr 1min
EP 28 Owl Moon Technician Ren Varney
Show Details38min 27s
EP 27 Timothy Renner of Strange Familiars Podcast
Show Details1hr 4min
EP 26 Joe Hauser of the Montana Vortex
Show Details36min 57s
EP 25 Sasquatch investigator Scott Taylor
Show Details1hr 51min
Show Details10min 6s
EP 23 Time Travel with pterodactyl witness Kevin Ian Beegle
Show Details1hr 31min
EP 22 Wolf Creek Inn/Sasquatch Event
Show Details26min 5s
EP 21 Unearthed family stories from Bluff Creek & Ron Morehead
Show Details55min 29s
EP 20 Strange Brau Radio Live After Show with Lane Paranormal
Show Details1hr 46min
EP 19 part 2 Orduction in the French Quarter with authors/ experiencers Chad and Alta Dillard
Show Details1hr 10min
EP 18 part 1 Orbduction in the French Quarter with authors/experiencers Chad & Alta Dillard
Show Details1hr 17min
EP 17 UFO/owl moon lab snot rocket field audio
Show Details34min 35s
EP 16 Primal People
Show Details2hr 21min
EP 15 Portals-experiencers Miranda Gehrke & Eira Wulfnothsson
Show Details1hr 53min
EP 14 Psychic William Becker
Show Details1hr 5min
EP 13 Retired Military/UFO Experiencer Dave Emmons
Show Details1hr 6min
EP 12 Religious Scholar/Satanist: Mark Hennion
Show Details1hr 8min
EP 11 Author/Experiencer "SIG" Sigurdson
Show Details1hr 22min
EP 10 Sasquatch Witness & Documentarian: Barb Shupe
Show Details1hr 17min
EP 9 Thylacine Witness:Neil Waters & Cryptid Artist Alex Evans
Show Details1hr 35min
EP 8 SBR welcomes Advanced Energy Medicine Founder Keri Campbell
Show Details55min 16s
EP 7 East Washington Paranormal Group Member Charles Howard Johnson & Author Henry Franzoni
Show Details59min 50s
EP 6 World Champion Taxidermist/Sasquatch witness Ken Walker
Show Details1hr 31min
EP 5 Christopher Garetano/The Montauk Chronicles
Show Details58min 15s
EP 4 Paranormal Investigator Jackie Tonks/ Cryptid Witness
Show Details39min 53s
EP 1 Strange Brau Radio Intro
Show Details31min 38s
EP 3 Ron Morehead Presentation on Quantum Bigfoot
Show Details1hr 14min
EP 2 Author/Researcher of The Dogman -Linda Godfrey
Show Details37min 39s