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Straight From My Heart

A poetry podcast, written and performed by Nupur Parik-Pandey. Honest, real and easy conversations to make you forget the troubles of everyday life, and make you feel relaxed. 


Growing Up + Shooting Star | S02E04
Show Details5min 51s
Feminism | S02E03
Show Details6min 56s
India | S02E02
Show Details6min 11s
Good Day, Bad Day | S02E01
Show Details5min 53s
Season 02 Trailer | 00
Show Details54s
Paris When It Sizzles | 08
Show Details7min 2s
Life Story | 07
Show Details6min 18s
Marriage | 06
Show Details9min 39s
An Ode To My Son | 05
Show Details13min 15s
Predestined | 04
Show Details9min 18s
Fragrant | 03
Show Details8min 23s
Gratitude | 02
Show Details9min 54s
I Love Me | 01
Show Details12min 54s
Preview | 00
Show Details1min 12s