Story Wok

The Story Wok - is a podcast by Storytellers for Storytellers. We hope that means you, whether you identify yourself as a storyteller with a capital “S”, or if you just like to tell stories in your work - say as a teacher, librarian, counsellor, or community leader. And not forgetting if you are a parent or grandparent looking to share stories and values with your family.

And since the Story Wok is produced by FEAST ( Federation of Asian Storytellers), our focus is on spreading Asian stories, celebrating the tellers from the Philippines in the East to Turkey in the West and the storytelling communities that lie in-between.

The podcast is produced by a 6 producers:

Krupa Vinayagamoorthy (Singapore)

Meher Gehi (India)

Ritu Vaish (India)

Rituparna Ghosh (India)

Roger Jenkins (Singapore)

Shereen Saif (Dubai)

Each episode is produced by 2 hosts who bring their distinctive charm and add their secret spices to concoct a wonderful dish for you every month.

You can write to the producers at |


Story Wok Ep One | A FEAST of Korean Stories
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Story Wok Trailer
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