From The Archive-Turtle Tales: The Turtle Who Couldn't Stop Talking( Episode 143)

Episode 143
6m | Sep 16, 2023

Welcome to the Turtle Tales series.

'The Turtle Who Couldn’t Stop Talking is a Jataka tale about a turtle who didn’t follow the instructions that were given to him and faced the consequences.

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A turtle lived in a pond at the foot of a hill. Two young wild Geese, looking for food, saw the turtle and started talking with him. The geese said, “It’s so much fun to talk to you. You are a very nice turtle”

“I also enjoyed myself talking to you both. Do come and visit me again!” answered the turtle.

Children, what do you think they talked about?

The next day the Geese came again to visit the turtle and the day after and the day-day after. In no time they became very well acquainted and soon they were great friends.

"Friend turtle," the Geese said one day, "We have a beautiful home far away. We are going to fly back to it tomorrow. It will be a long but pleasant journey. Will you come with us?"

"Oh, I really would have loved to, but how could I? I have no wings. Further, I walk so slowly that I could never reach just walking to your home," said the turtle sadly.

Children, can you suggest some way the turtle can travel to his friends’ homes?

Let’s see

Looking at their sad friend the geese discussed among themselves then suggested, "Oh, we will take you, but on one condition. You have to keep your mouth shut, and say not a word to anybody,"

"That’s easy, I can do that," said the turtle confidently. "Please do take me with you. I will do exactly as you wish."

So the next day, the geese brought a stick and two of them held the ends of it. "Now take the middle of this in your mouth, and don't say a word until we reach home," the two geese told the turtle.

The turtle was delighted and quickly held the stick in his mouth.          

The geese then sprang into the air, with the turtle between them, holding fast to the stick.

The turtle was having a great time looking at the land from high in the sky.

Children, can you tell three things that the turtle saw from the sky?

As they were flying over a village, the village children saw the two geese flying along with the turtle and cried out: "Oh, see the Turtle up in the air! Look at the Geese carrying a turtle by a stick! Did you ever see anything more ridiculous in your life!"

The turtle didn’t like the mockery of the children and forgetting the instructions of the geese started to say…

Children, what was the instruction of the geese?

Yes! The geese had instructed the turtle not to open his mouth till they reached home. But the turtle forgot all about it and he looked down and began to say, "Well, if my friends carry me, what business is that of yours?" when he let go, he tumbled down and fell with a big thud on the ground.

As the two Geese flew on, they heard the people say, when they came to see the poor turtle, "That fellow could not keep his mouth shut. He had to talk, and so faced the consequences."

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