From The Archive-The Originals-Little Golu And The Ribbon (Episode 145)

Episode 145
6m | Sep 30, 2023

Today's story, Little Golu And The Ribbon, is an original story that teaches children to recognise basic shapes

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Little Golu was excited.

“Wow! A new set of crayon box!” But more than the crayon box, the ribbon on the next one caught his attention. It was a red ribbon with tiny hearts. He snapped the gift that was tied with the red ribbon, open. The ribbon fell a little distance from him. Golu glanced at it for the ribbon made a circular shape. Golu was attracted.

He bent down to get a closer look when he heard “Happy Birthday, Golu. I have turned myself into a circle.”

“Hey, you’re a talking ribbon. Woohoo! Oh, a circle?! I know many things that are circular. Hm.. the face of the wall clock is a circle, to start with. Next, pizza. The pizza we ate at the birthday party was circular.”

The talking ribbon said, “Look outside, what things are circular?”

“My new bicycle’s wheels are circular and so is the sun!”

“Now pick me up and toss me in the air. When I land on the ground again, I’ll show you a different shape,” said the ribbon. It fell and made a square shape.

“You are indeed magical,” smiled Golu, who had already started looking for square shapes around the house.

“The cushion is square and…” Golu was stuck.

The talking ribbon said, “How about the crackers that you enjoyed with cheese with your friends earlier today?”

 “Yes and the cheese slices, too. This is fun! May I toss you in the air again?” asked Golu with a sparkle in his eyes.

“Sure, I love this game too.” Golu tossed the ribbon and it fell as a triangle. He was quiet. He looked around his room but couldn’t find anything triangular.

Then he jumped and got a hold of his favourite musical instrument from the table - the triangle.

 Children, what is your favourite musical instrument?


 “Now that’s a triangle!” “That’s right. And the sandwich and also the ice cream cone.”

“Can you also become a rectangle? With two long sides and two short sides?”

“Throw me yet again.” Golu threw it and sure enough, the talking ribbon formed a rectangle. “Now, this is easy. The gift on the table is a rectangle and my pencil box too. And my storybook on the bed as well.”

“And the door is my shape too!” added the ribbon.

“Well for the next shape, throw me yet again.” As Golu tossed the ribbon, a gust of wind blew the ribbon out of the open door. As it blew further away, it made the shape of a heart. Golu yelled, “That’s a heart! You’re now in the shape of my birthday cake.” Golu made a heart with his hands and blew the ribbon a kiss as it flew with the wind. “See you soon, Golu!” the ribbon called.

With a smile Golu went back to opening the gifts.

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