• Misc-Jumpy Learns A Lesson (Episode 144)

    'Jumpy Learns A lesson' is a story that teaches us to have the spirit of never giving up.

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    Jumpy Frog opened his eyes to the bright sun of a new day. He stretched out his long legs and stuck out his tongue to taste the morning air. Jumpy hopped out of his bed onto the green, dew-soaked leaves and raced to his mom nearby.

    “Wake up, Mommy, wake up,” Jumpy shouted with excitement.

    “Good morning, my baby boy,”  his mom said. Jumpy yelled, “Do you know what today is?”

    His mom teased, “No, what is today?”


    Children, can you guess why is Jumpy so excited?

    Let’s find out.


    “My Birthday”, exclaimed Jumpy. “I’m 5 years old today.”

    “Oh,” mom said, “Is it your birthday TODAY?”

    “Mom, you remember, don’t you?” said Jumpy.

    “Of course I do. It’s my favourite day of the year,” mom said. She pulled out a big box with a bright red bow.

    “Happy Birthday, my son!”

    “Oh, Mom, is this what I think it is?” Jumpy hoped she had gotten all his hints about what he wanted. A new guitar! The kind that his favourite band plays. Shiny blue and sounding awesome!

    Jumpy pulled apart the wrapping paper and yanked off the bow. He opened the box and it was…… the guitar! Jumpy was so happy. He immediately picked it up and started playing. Only to his surprise, it did not sound too good.

    Jumpy quickly got discouraged and threw down the guitar. Mom picked it back up and said, “Jumpy, try again. You’ll never know how good you could be if you give up so fast.”


    Children, have you learned any new things recently? Please share what it was.

    That’s lovely


    Jumpy was disappointed. He wanted the guitar, but he did not want to take the time to learn to play it.

    He surely did not want to hurt his mom’s feelings, so he picked the guitar back up and tried again. It sounded just as bad. He got very upset!

    “Jumpy”, said his mom, “never give up. Practice, practice, and practice. Soon you’ll see that you can accomplish anything you set your mind to.”


    That night Jumpy tried again. The day after that he tried again. The day after that he tried again. Each day he tried a little longer and a little harder. Until one day Jumpy played the most beautiful song on his guitar.

    His mom had been listening, as she had each day. She was so proud of him for not giving up.

    Jumpy and his mom would sit for hours together while Jumpy played the song over and over until it was perfect!

    Jumpy was so proud of himself and his mom was so proud of him too!

    Jumpy said, “Thank you so much for buying me this guitar. I guess you believed in me before I even believed in myself!”

    Jumpy’s mom said,” That’s what moms’ are for! With this guitar, you will make beautiful music forever. Now what better gift could there be?”

    Jumpy said, “This is the best birthday gift ever.”

    Jumpy and his mom sat together on a bunch of lily pads while Jumpy played his music as the sun set around them.

    5m | Sep 23, 2023
  • From The Archive-Turtle Tales: The Turtle Who Couldn't Stop Talking( Episode 143)

    Welcome to the Turtle Tales series.

    'The Turtle Who Couldn’t Stop Talking is a Jataka tale about a turtle who didn’t follow the instructions that were given to him and faced the consequences.

    Free activity sheets and other downloadable resources are available at www.rituvaish.com/archive-the-turtle-who-could-not-stop-talking

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    A turtle lived in a pond at the foot of a hill. Two young wild Geese, looking for food, saw the turtle and started talking with him. The geese said, “It’s so much fun to talk to you. You are a very nice turtle”

    “I also enjoyed myself talking to you both. Do come and visit me again!” answered the turtle.

    Children, what do you think they talked about?

    The next day the Geese came again to visit the turtle and the day after and the day-day after. In no time they became very well acquainted and soon they were great friends.

    "Friend turtle," the Geese said one day, "We have a beautiful home far away. We are going to fly back to it tomorrow. It will be a long but pleasant journey. Will you come with us?"

    "Oh, I really would have loved to, but how could I? I have no wings. Further, I walk so slowly that I could never reach just walking to your home," said the turtle sadly.

    Children, can you suggest some way the turtle can travel to his friends’ homes?

    Let’s see

    Looking at their sad friend the geese discussed among themselves then suggested, "Oh, we will take you, but on one condition. You have to keep your mouth shut, and say not a word to anybody,"

    "That’s easy, I can do that," said the turtle confidently. "Please do take me with you. I will do exactly as you wish."

    So the next day, the geese brought a stick and two of them held the ends of it. "Now take the middle of this in your mouth, and don't say a word until we reach home," the two geese told the turtle.

    The turtle was delighted and quickly held the stick in his mouth.          

    The geese then sprang into the air, with the turtle between them, holding fast to the stick.

    The turtle was having a great time looking at the land from high in the sky.

    Children, can you tell three things that the turtle saw from the sky?

    As they were flying over a village, the village children saw the two geese flying along with the turtle and cried out: "Oh, see the Turtle up in the air! Look at the Geese carrying a turtle by a stick! Did you ever see anything more ridiculous in your life!"

    The turtle didn’t like the mockery of the children and forgetting the instructions of the geese started to say…

    Children, what was the instruction of the geese?

    Yes! The geese had instructed the turtle not to open his mouth till they reached home. But the turtle forgot all about it and he looked down and began to say, "Well, if my friends carry me, what business is that of yours?" when he let go, he tumbled down and fell with a big thud on the ground.

    As the two Geese flew on, they heard the people say, when they came to see the poor turtle, "That fellow could not keep his mouth shut. He had to talk, and so faced the consequences."

    6m | Sep 16, 2023
  • Stories From Near And Far - (Europe) The Sone Soup (Episode 142)

    Description: The Stone Soup Story is a European Folklore and a moral story. It has been passed down through generations to teach young ones that sharing and caring for those around you is a regular aspect of life. When we care for each other, we can lead a more fulfilling life, just like the villagers had a fulfilling meal because they decided to share their provisions.

    .Free activity sheet available at https://www.rituvaish.com/the-stone-soup

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    Once upon a time, there was a small village which was inhabited by poor people. They didn’t like sharing their things with others as they had very little. In fact, they would lock their doors and windows tight and keep the little food they had for themselves.

    Children, I’m sure you are not like these villagers and like to share what you have. What do you like to share with your friends at school?

    One day, a visitor passed through the village. He was very hungry and exhausted from his long journey. He stopped at the first house he could see and knocked on the door, hoping to get some food.

    The woman inside cracked open the door a little and asked, “Who are you?”

    “I am a traveller, and I was passing through your village. I am tired and hungry. Can I please have something to eat?”

    “Go away; we hardly have any food here,” replied the woman. “I doubt you’ll find anyone here who has food to spare. We are all poor,” said the woman. After she said this, the woman closed the door in the traveller’s face.

    The traveller was not ready to give up and picked up a large stone from the ground and knocked again on the woman’s door. The lady came to the door again and opened it only halfway.

    “What do you want now?” asked the woman.

    “Since you are poor like me, maybe you’d like to have some of my stone soup. It is delicious and fulfilling!”

    “Stone soup, you say?” laughed the woman as she saw the stone in the traveller’s hand. “You can’t make soup from a stone.”

    To that, the traveller replied, “Yes, you can! I’ve done it before.”

    Children, what is your favourite soup?

    The woman didn’t believe him as she had never seen someone make soup from stones before. However, she was hungry too, so she invited him in. She lit the fire placed a kettle of water on top, and opened the windows to let the heat out.

    Then the traveller placed the stones in the water until the water started boiling. He took a sip of the hot liquid and said, “It’s almost done! But, if you had just a little salt and butter, it would taste much better!”

    The woman went to her cupboard and returned with salt and butter. As the traveller was adding them to the stone soup, the woman’s husband returned home with carrots and potatoes in his hand.

    “What are you cooking?” asked the woman’s husband.

    “Stone soup!” replied the traveller and the woman. The man could not believe this and thought that it was impossible to make soup out of a stone.

    “It’s almost finished!” said the traveller as he tasted another spoonful of the soup. “However, it would taste much better if we added carrots and potatoes to it,” said the traveller. The husband was also hungry, so he agreed to add some carrots and potatoes to the stone soup.

    Soon, the smell of the soup drifted out of the open window and down the lane. A neighbour who usually stayed inside wandered out and followed the smell all the way to the first house.

    There, he heard the woman, her husband and the traveller talking about the stone soup.

    “Is the stone soup ready now?” the woman and her husband asked the traveller.

    “Yes, but it could be even better if we had some turnips and beans!” “I have some!” yelled the neighbour who was watching them from the window.

    The neighbour was curious to taste the soup made of stones, so he returned with turnips and beans. He poured it into the pot, and the smell of the soup drifted further into the village.

    Word of a traveller making soup out of a stone drew the villagers out of their houses and towards the woman’s house. They all followed the smell. “Is the stone soup ready yet?” asked the villagers when they came to the window. “Yes, but I remember having stone soup with fresh chicken and broth in the stew once,” replied the traveller.

    “I have chicken!” said a farmer and then ran home to get some. “I have broth!” exclaimed another villager who ran to fetch it. They both came and placed the items into the pot. By this moment, the pot was full to the brim with goodness.

    Children, can you guess what the traveller was trying to do by asking each person to add something?

    Yes! Make a delicious soup.

    The traveller tried another sip of the soup, “Perfect!” he exclaimed. He then proceeded to serve a bowl of stone soup to every villager.

    “It’s delicious!” said the villagers. “Where can we get this magic stone?” asked some. The traveller shook his head and pulled out the stone from the soup. The villagers realised that it was a normal stone, and the flavour of the soup came from the ingredients and not the stone.

    The traveller drank what was left of the soup and continued with his journey. The villagers realised the importance of sharing, and from that day on, they shared their things with each other and lived happily together.

    8m | Sep 9, 2023
  • From The Archive: Tenali Raman Tales - Raman Outsmarts A thief (Episode 141)

    Tenali Raman was a learned scholar and a poet in King Krishnadevaraya’s court. He was a minister in the court and was also one of the eight poets. He was famous for his wit and quick thinking.

    On the Story Prism podcast, Tenali Raman tales are a collection of some of those stories.

    Today's story- Raman Outsmarts a Thief is a story that teaches us that being a quick thinker and witty can save us from dire situations. Do you think Raman would be able to save himself this time?

    Free activity sheet available at www.rituvaish.com/archive-tenali-outsmarts-a-thief

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    Once upon a time, Raman set out on a long journey. In those days, one had to walk through the jungle to get to another city.

    Children, how can we travel from one place to another nowadays?

    That’s a lot of ways, but long-long ago, people had to walk if they wanted to travel.

    So, Raman started his journey. On the way, another traveller joined Raman, who said, “This forest is infested with thieves. I am afraid they will rob me. Can I travel with you?” the man asked Raman. Raman readily agreed.

    That night, the two of them stopped at some place in the forest to rest. Raman was tired and fell asleep soon. His companion was waiting for this moment. In fact, he was a thief who used to rob travellers. He got up and looked under Raman’s pillow without disturbing him. He found nothing. He carefully searched Raman’s pockets looking for money. To his disappointment, he did not find even a paisa! Then he opened the bundle Raman was carrying. Again, he found nothing.

    The next morning, the two resumed their journey. They halted for the night again. Raman again had a sound sleep. Whereas his companion yet again searched Raman’s belongings, looking for money and valuables. Again, he was disappointed.

    The next day, the two travellers reached the holy city of Tirupati, the famous holy city in southern India. This was where Raman and his companion had to part company.

    At that moment the companion confessed that he was a thief. “ I have never met with failure. But this time I failed. Now that we are parting company, please tell me where you hid the money in the night?” pleaded the thief. “Unless I know your secret, I may not be able to sleep,” he confessed.

    Raman smiled, “I knew you were a thief the moment I saw you. I took care to hide money where you would never find it.”

    Children, where do you think Raman hid his money?

    Let’s listen ahead.

    “But where? I looked for it everywhere,” cried out the thief.

    “Did you look for it under your pillow?” asked Raman.

    “I looked for it under your pillow and found nothing. Why should I look for your money under my pillow?” asked the bewildered thief.

    “Because I hid the money under your pillow,” said Raman, “I was confident it was the one place you would never look for my money.”

    That indeed surprised the thief's companion. He quietly went off his way thinking about how witty Raman was.


    Careful and smart thinking can help one beat even the worst people in the world

    5m | Sep 2, 2023
  • Ganesha Tales: Ganesha And The Bowl Of Kheer (Episode 140)

    Ganesha is the elephant-headed god of Hindus. 

    This is a nice and funny story about Lord Ganesha. He was very fond of his devotees and at the same time used to have some good fun at their cost. He descends to earth during Ganeshotasav to be with his devotees. Except for one kind woman, no one in the village helps him, and he has taken the form of a poor boy

    Free activity sheets and other downloadable resources are available at www.rituvaish.com/ganesha-and-the-bowl-of-kheer

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    It was festive time in India and everything seemed to be colourful. Ganesh Puja was on the cards and the whole village was getting itself ready to celebrate the Ganeshotsav. Every house was getting a new look. Men, women and children alike, were showcasing their new dresses. Preparation of sweets by every household was in full swing, after all, Ganesha loves sweets.

    Children, which are your favourite sweets??

    That’s nice.

    Meantime, to celebrate Ganeshotsav, Ganesha himself decides to descend down to earth to be with his devotees and help them in the celebrations. Ganesha is a very wise and witty deity and so it was natural for him to have some fun.

    One fine day, when the whole village was busy preparing for the festival, a young boy was seen on the streets. He seemed to be very poor. While he was wandering on the streets, he was announcing, “A spoonful of milk and a fistful of rice, that's all I have. Someone please make me a bowl of kheer for me.”

    Whoever heard the boy, immediately got annoyed. What a wishful thinking. How dare the boy dream of getting a bowl of kheer from such a meagre quantity of rice and milk. Simply unthinkable.

    So none of the villagers came to his help or offered him any sweets to eat. They simply shooed him away. But the boy was very determined, he kept on ranting about his spoonful of milk and a fistful of rice.

    “A spoonful of milk and a fistful of rice, that's all I have. Someone please make me a bowl of kheer for me.” He kept announcing as he roamed around the streets.


    Ultimately, at the fag end of the day, an old woman took pity on him. She invited him to her house and said that she would prepare a bowl of kheer for him. The boy was overjoyed to hear this. He asks the woman to get a very big vessel. The old woman laughs at such a suggestion. “A big vessel? What for? The quantity of rice and milk is so less, that it won't even fill a bowl.”

    But the boy was adamant, he kept on asking for the biggest vessel. Finally, the woman relents goes to a neighbouring house of a washerwoman and gets a very big vessel. The milk and rice are poured into the vessel. A little bit of sugar is also added.

    In the meantime, while the kheer was getting cooked, the boy excused himself and went out of the house. Before leaving, he makes the woman promise that she won't eat or taste the kheer before he does. After a while, the woman too falls asleep and goes to bed. A very nice aroma was coming from the kheer and was filling the whole house. The aroma woke up the woman and she rushed towards the kitchen. Surprise, the huge vessel was overflowing with the most delicious looking kheer. It was filled to the brim.

    She understands, it must be the blessing of Lord Ganesha himself.


    She takes a spoon of the creamy white kheer and rushes to offer it to the idol of Ganesha, she had in her prayer room.

    “Thank you lord Ganesha. I am blessed. I am offering this first spoon of kheer to you. ”

    Looking at the lovely kheer, she got very hungry herself. She wanted to have a bite too, but alas, she has promised she won't taste before the boy.

    “And where is the wretched boy? Why he is not coming?” she thought to herself.

    Already he has given a lot of trouble to her, by asking her to cook for him.

    Unable to contain her hunger anymore, she helps herself with a bowl of the mouth-watering dish. It was so delicious that she goes for a second helping, then a third, fourth and so on till she is unable to take anymore.

    Lo and behold!

    Magic! sheer magic, the vessel remained full to the brim, filling up again and again.


    Soon after, the boy returns. The woman feels very guilty and ashamed of herself. She was not able to keep her promise. But the boy consoles her telling that she has already fed him. The woman was surprised to hear that. When did she feed him? No, never. With a chuckle, the boy replies, he was the Ganesha whom she fed in her puja room. Thus she has kept her promise. Saying thus, Ganesha takes his real form. The old woman immediately falls on the feet of Ganesha, weeping at the same time, for not having recognized him.


    Ganesha lifts her up, embraces her and tells her to ask for a wish. The woman replies that she is a poor uneducated woman and doesn't know how to ask one. Ganesha advises her to try. The woman then wishes to Ganesha, that she be made into a young, beautiful and rich woman with a beautiful palace and a garden. Ganesha smiles at her. Of course the woman is not so foolish. In one wish itself she has asked for so many things. He asks the woman to distribute the kheer to the whole of the village first, then he will see whether to grant her wish or not. The woman immediately rushes off to fulfil the task given by Ganesha and in no time she completes it too.

    On her return, she finds that Ganesha is there waiting for her. She asks him about her wish. Ganesha asks her to turn back and bend down. As soon as she turns and bends, she feels a hard push on her back, stumbles forward and falls flat on her face.


    Children, can you please tell me what was happening to the woman?

    Let’s listen ahead.


    The woman gets very angry, and gets up to admonish Ganesha, but at that very instant she realizes that she is in a different world. She finds herself surrounded by beautiful flowers, and trees and facing to her is a big palace. She was wearing beautiful dresses and ornaments.

    She thanks Ganesha for fulfilling her wish. The villagers when they came to know of this incident, felt very ashamed of themselves. That Lord Ganesha himself came to their place and they failed to welcome him. They rush to the old woman's place and ask for Ganesha's forgiveness. Ganesha had a heart of gold and forgave everyone.

    10m | Aug 26, 2023
  • Fox Tales: The Fox And The Stork (Episode 139)

    Welcome to the Fox Tales series. Today’s story-'The Fox And The Stork' is a story where Fox tries to act smart, but listen to the story to find out if he succeeds or not!

    Free activity sheets and other downloadable resources are available at www.rituvaish.com/the-fox-and-the-stork

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    One day, a selfish fox invited a stork for dinner.

    Children, How do you feel when you get an invitation to a party?


    So, even the Stork was very happy with the invitation – On the day of the party she dressed up in her finest suit and with a big smile on her face, she reached the fox’s home. She stored her feathers with her long beak. Then feeling good she knocked at the door with her long beak.


    Children, the Stork uses her beak for two things, can you name them and add another use?

    That’s right, the stork used her beak for straightening her feathers and knocking on the door. She also uses her beak to catch fish.

    Let’s listen ahead.


    So, the stork knocked at the door of the fox’s house. The fox opened the door and greeted her. Then took her to the dinner table. The aroma of the delicious food made the stork’s mouth water.

    The fox served some soup in shallow bowls for both of them. As the bowl was too shallow for the stork, she couldn’t have soup at all. But, the fox licked up his soup quickly.

    The stork was angry and upset, but he was a calm, even-tempered fellow and saw no good in flying into a rage and behaved politely.

    She thanked the fox for the dinner, which she couldn’t even taste.

    After a few days, the stork invited the Fox to dine with her in turn.

    The fox was intrigued that despite what he had done to the stork, she was still inviting him.

    The fox was excited about the dinner and on the day of the dinner, he. Got ready and went to the stork’s home. The stork welcomes him and she too served soup, but this time the soup was served in two tall narrow vases.


    Children, why do you think the stork did that?

    Yes, to take revenge.

    The stork drank the soup from her vase, but the fox couldn’t drink any of it because of the soup container’s narrow neck. The fox realised his mistake and went home hungry.

    Moral of the Story

    A selfish act backfires sooner or later!


    5m | Aug 19, 2023
  • From The Archive-Stories from Near and Far: Judge Rabbit And Tiger(Episode 138)

    oday’s story, Judge Rabbit and Tiger is an adapted folktale from Cambodia. The story is about a witty and clever rabbit who tricks Tiger.


    Free activity sheet available at https://www.rituvaish.com/archive-judge-rabbit-and-tiger

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    Tiger was mad. Judge Rabbit had tricked him again. Poor Tiger’s tail hurt because of that trick. So, he was chasing Rabbit to teach him a lesson.

    “I'll get you, Rabbit,” he roared, running through the forest. Rabbit ran and ran and ran as quickly as he could. But he heard Tiger close behind.

    Children, do you think the tiger would eat the Rabbit?

    “Tiger runs fast,” thought Judge Rabbit.

    “So I'll have to think even faster.”

    Just then Rabbit saw a bee’s nest in the tree. He climbed quickly up and sat next to it. Carefully he took a leaf licked it and put it over the door hole, so it stuck.

     Children, why did he do it?

    That’s because he had a trick up his sleeve.

    With the leaf stuck over the hole, angry bees were suddenly trapped inside the nest. They wanted to get out. They buzzed and buzzed very, very loudly. And the buzzing sounded like a special kind of drum.

    Judge Rabbit pulled back his arm, then swung it almost to the nest. He pretended to hit the nest, but of course, he was most careful not to. Back and forth his arm waved as if beating a fine steady sound on a drum.

    Tiger came and stood under the tree.

    “I ‘ve got you now, Rabbit,” he growled.

    “And I am going to eat you up.”

    “Not now, Tiger, “ Cried Judge Rabbit.

    “Later you can eat me. Right now I’m too busy.”

    “Busy Doing what?” asked Tiger as he watched Rabbit, who seemed to be hitting something.

     “I am playing the drum for the angels above,” he replied, “They love this music and they will give me a grand gifts.”

    Tiger listened carefully.

    Buzzz.. Buzzz…Buzzz.

    It did sound quite nice, like a finely tuned drum.

    Children, can you guess what was going on in the tiger’s mind? 

    He was only thinking about the gifts. He didn't think about bees. He didn't recognise the bee’s nest. He just thought about all the gifts Rabbit was getting.

    The tiger felt jealous.

    “Rabbit, I want to play the drum and get gifts,” he said.

    Judge Rabbit knew his plan was working.

    “Sorry Tiger,” said Rabbit. It's my turn.”

    “Please, Rabbit,” pleaded Tiger. “Please let me play.”

    “But if you come up here, you will eat me,” Rabbit replied.

    “No, no, I promise I won't,” said Tiger. “Let me play and I'll be your friend forever.”

    “Well ,” said Rabbit. “Pleeeeese,” begged Tiger.

    “Oh! alright,” said Rabbit. “I'll go find another drum, you climb up here and watch me. When I jump up and down three times, hit that drum as hard as you can. The angels will love it !”

    “Akoon, Akoon!” said Tiger, thanking Judge Rabbit again and again.

    Then Rabbit came down and started to run.

    Tiger climbed up slowly and sat next to the drum. He watched and waited for Rabbit’s signal. At last, he saw the three big jumps, with the grin and dreams of gifts, he took his hand and gave the drum one huge hit.

    Buzzzzzz Buzzzzz…Buzzzzz.

    The nest broke. Hundreds of furious bees raced out. Tiger jumped down and tried to run. But the bees followed right behind. Those angry bees chased him for a long- long time.

    As for Rabbit, he was far, far away, and quite safe.

    He wiggled his ears, munched his favourite cucumbers, and thought about poor tiger, tricked again.


    7m | Aug 12, 2023
  • From The Archive-Stories from Near and Far: A Clever Monkey(Episode137)

    The Clever Monday is a folk tale from Thailand wherein a witty monkey keeps outfoxing others and in the end, is left empty-handed.

    Free activity sheet available at www.rituvaish.com/archive-the-clever-monkey.

    Send your artwork to rituvaish@gmail.com.


    Once there was a clever monkey that enjoyed outsmarting people and profiting from them. One day, the monkey got a thorn in his tail and went to a barber.

    Monkey told the Barber. “Remove this thorn from my tail.’

    The Barber said, “Sure! Please be seated.”

    The barber took his razor, which is like a knife, brought out the thorn but oops at the same time got a bit of monkey’s tail.

    The monkey was furious, “You cut a bit of my tail, now give me this razor as compensation.” He thought the barber has nothing else to give him. Something is better than nothing.

    The barber did as was asked and the monkey was happy, he had won over the barber.

    So, children, what do you think the monkey will do with the razor? ..let’s see

    On the way home, the monkey met an old woman who was cutting firewood, but her axe had broken. The witty monkey wanted to get the wood because he thought the razor was of no use. So, he cooked up a plan in his mind.

    He politely asked the old woman with the broken axe, “What happened? Why are you sad?

    The old woman replied showing the broken axe, “My only axe broke and now I cannot cut the wood.”

    The witty monkey knew his plan was working. He offered the woodcutter lady to use his razor to cut the wood.

    Children, do you think razors can cut wood? No!

    Then what will happen to the razor? Let’s see.     

    The woman gladly accepted the offer but soon the razor broke as the monkey had thought. The monkey was enraged, “You broke my razor, and you have to give me all your firewood in exchange for the razor.”

    The scared woman did as was asked by the monkey.

    The monkey was happy, he had won over the old lady

    Collecting all the firewood the monkey went ahead.

    Shortly afterwards the monkey met another woman who was preparing Thai fishcakes by the fire. The aroma of the delicious fish cake wafted all around that made the witty monkey’s mouth water.

    Children, What is your favourite snack? Is it something sweet, sour, salty, or spicy?

    Well, let’s get ahead with the story and see what happens.

    The woman was very sad.

    The monkey asked, “What happened, why are you sad?”

    The woman replied, “My firewood is exhausted, but the fish cakes are not ready yet. I do not know what to do?”

    The monkey smiled as a plan was brewing in his witty mind to get hold of all the fishcakes. And as a part of the plan, he offered the woman his firewood.

    The old woman gladly accepted the offer.

    After some time, the fish cakes were ready, but she had used up all the firewood.

    Hence, the monkey became very vexed and said sharply, “You have to give all the fishcakes as the price for the use of my firewood.

    The scared woman did as was asked.

    The monkey was happy, he had won over the lady.

    Happy and amused, that clever monkey ran off with the fishcakes. However, the aroma of the fishcakes attracted some dogs who barked and chased the monkey. This was when the petrified monkey left all the cakes behind him and climbed onto a tree to find shelter from the dogs.

    Finally, the clever monkey was empty-handed, while the dogs feasted on the delicious fish cakes!

    You see children, the monkey tried to outsmart, but in the end, he was left with nothing.

    Hence remember; Being clever is good, but tricking people for your personal gain is not!

    7m | Aug 5, 2023
  • Archive-Akbar & Birbal Tales : Birbal Counts The Crows (Episode 136)

    Akbar and Birbal folktales are very famous in India. These are a set of moral stories inspired by the interactions of Mughal Emperor Akbar and his wisest courtier Birbal and have been enjoyed by children for many many years. These stories were mostly passed on from generation to generation by word of mouth, till the print medium started. You know children, Birbal was an extremely witty courtier and. you will really enjoy listening to the witty, interesting, and sometimes funny, occurrences in the lives of Akbar and Birbal. These stories also help us to think smart just like Birbal.

    Today's story: Birbal Counts The Crows is one such witty story where Akbar tests him

    Free activity sheet available at www.rituvaish.com/archive-birbal-counts-the-crows

    Send your artwork to rituvaish@gmail.com.

    Birbal was Akbar’s favourite minister. Once Akbar wanted to test Birbal’s wit and asked him a question. He asked, “Birbal, tell me how many crows live in our city Agra?”

    Children, Agra is a city in the north of India and a part of Akbar’s kingdom.

    Do you know how to take care of birds?

    Yes! We could give them water in the summers, and put some seeds for them, if they are hurt, we can bring them home.

    Birbal very quickly replied, “Your highness, there are 1,46,789 in number.”

    Akbar was surprised how could Birbal tell this with so much accuracy. He questioned Birbal, “How can you give an exact number and be so confident?”

    Birbal innocently smiled and said, “Your majesty, you can ask your soldiers to count them. If there are more than 146789, then some of the crows from our neighbouring cities would be visiting their relatives in Agra or if they are fewer, then some of ours must have gone to visit theirs. But I am sure we have only 146789 in our kingdom.” 

    Akbar laughed, once again impressed with his minister's wit.

    Hope the story made you smile.

    Children, can you tell me what must you do to increase the number of birds in your area?

    Indeed, we should not destroy their nests, grow more trees as the trees are home to the birds and not add to pollution


    4m | Jul 29, 2023
  • Misc-The Obstacles In Our Path (Episode 135)

    'The obstacles in our path' is a story that teaches us that when obstacles come, the lazy and self–centred people only complain, while the kind-hearted simply get things done. Let’s listen to the story.

    Free activity sheet available at www.rituvaish.com/the-obstacles-in-our-path

    Send your artwork to rituvaish@gmail.com.


    Long long ago, there was a king. He was a good ruler and always took care of all the people in his kingdom.

    One day the king decided to test his people and placed a big and heavy boulder in the middle of a very busy road.

    Children, why do you think the king did that?

    Let’s listen ahead.

    After placing the boulder in the middle of the road, he hid behind the bushes and waited to watch what people would do.

    Some of the king’s richest merchants and courtiers came by. When they saw the boulder, they just complained and said, “Why is this boulder here?”

    Some even blamed the king for not keeping the roads safe. And then they simply walked around the boulder and went their way.

    King thought to himself, “All these people only think about themselves, none of them is kindhearted.”

    As he was thinking about all the people who crossed, he saw a farmer carrying a huge sack of vegetables on his back. On approaching the boulder, he said to himself, “Omg! How did this boulder come into the middle of the road? It may hurt someone, especially at night.”

    He laid his sack and then started pushing the boulder to the side. It was a big boulder, and it took a lot of effort to move it. He was tired after a hard day at the farm, but he didn’t give up. The farmer kept pushing the boulder with all his might and finally succeeded in moving it to the side.

    After wiping his sweat, he went back to the middle of the road to pick up his sack.

    Lo and behold! He found an envelope with gold coins.

    He looked at it in surprise and then looked around to see whose envelope that would be. It was then that he saw the king walk towards him, “Dear farmer, this is your reward for being kindhearted and thinking about others. Many rich people passed, but none even gave a thought that the boulder might hurt someone. You are indeed very kind-hearted. As a reward, I want you to keep these gold coins.”

    The farmer folded his hands and said, “Thank you, you are a very kind king.” 

    The next day when people heard this incident, they felt very bad but surely understood the real meaning of being kind.

    4m | Jul 22, 2023
  • From The Archive-Turtle Tales: It Is Okay To Be Scared (Episode 134)

    Today's story, 'It Is Okay To Be Scared' belongs to the 'Turtle Tales' series. It is a story about a little turtle who is frightened of everything! But with the help of his sister, he learns to conquer his fears.

    Free activity sheet available at www.rituvaish.com/it-is-okay-to-be-scared-archive

    Send your artwork to rituvaish@gmail.com.


    OMG! What was that? I got hit by lightning…oh my god, I am really scared. Today the lightning bounced off, but what is next time…. I am petrified!” shrieked one very scared baby turtle, Timmy.

    Children, could you please describe thunder and lightning in the sky?


    Let’s listen ahead

    “Timmy, you’ve got to come out of that shell of yours. so we can get moving and reach the water!”

    Even though Timmy knew his sister was right, he was still too scared to come out of his shell.

    Ever since Timmy was hit by lightning, he was afraid of everything! From, the gurgling of water, to chirping crickets, to the little field mice, to the moonlight. Even the slightest bit of wind startled and scared Timmy and he would go into his shell.

    The lightning bolts and thunder from the storm still haunted his dreams. Just thinking about them made Timmy tremble.

    “Of all the eggs that mamma laid, we’re still the only two who haven’t reached water yet,” said Timmy’s Sister.

    “I’m sorry, but I just can’t do it,” said Timmy.

    “Come on, Timmy! You can too. This is just something you have to face. There’s going to be tougher things in life to deal with than just a little storm.”

    “Just a little storm – you call that a little storm? The lightning bounced off my shell!”

    “Well, I must admit it was amazing to see it bounce off you, Timmy. But why are you so afraid now?”

    “Where there’s one there’s bound to be another,” said Timmy. “Maybe next time the lightning bolt doesn’t bounce off me and goes straight inside. Then I’m a goner!”

    “Look, Timmy, if we don’t find a pond soon we’re both going to be goners anyways. And besides, the chances of you getting struck by lightning again are probably one in a million.”

    “Yeah, which means it could happen,” said Timmy.

    “You’re going to have to trust me, Timmy. Since you were the last egg to hatch, I have to look after you. That’s the rule! You’re my baby brother, after all!” said Shiny.

    “You hatched forty seconds before I did,” said Timmy. “What makes you so grown up?”

    “I’m not all grown up. But like it or not, I am still your older sister. And unlike you, I’m not afraid of everything under the sun.”

    Shiny’s explanation wasn’t enough to get Timmy out of his shell.

    “Nice try. But I’m still not risking it,” said Timmy.

    Children, can you please suggest something to Timmy to be able to overcome his fear of lightning?


    Just then, a little turtle named Goldie walked up to ask for directions. Goldie was a baby turtle too.

    “I hope I’m not disturbing you, but could you please tell me where to find Crimson Lake? I need to reach it to be with my family. I am afraid of being away from my family.”

    As soon as Timmy heard Goldie, he felt calm and for the first time since the big storm, Timmy didn’t feel afraid as he realized that other turtles are also afraid of something.

    Without hesitation, Timmy popped out of his shell to offer Goldie assistance but then felt too shy to say anything to her.

    Shiny saved him though – she pointed to where she believed Crimson Lake to be and asked Goldie if she wanted help finding it.

    “It shouldn’t be too hard to find,” said Goldie. “Thanks for your help and I hope we’ll meet again someday. Let me rush to my family.”

    As Goldie walked away, Timmy exclaimed, “You see, Shiny, I’m not afraid. I’m out of my shell and nothing will ever scare me again,” said Timmy gleefully.

    But before Timmy could utter another word he had jumped right into Shiny’s arms!

    “What is it now, Timmy?” asked Shiny.

    “Oh, I just heard the most awful sound in the world. The sound of thunder! Another storm must be on the way.”

    A couple of giggles followed by a loud grumpy laugh could be heard close by. It wasn’t thunder that had frightened Timmy.

    Children, can you guess who made that sound?

    A little squirrel pounding rocks against a tree was what had scared him.

    “Kid, are you sure you’re a turtle and not a chicken?” asked the squirrel sarcastically.

    “Don’t tease my little brother,” said Shiny. “There’s nothing wrong with being afraid.”

    “Well, I’m not afraid of storms and all I have is a bushy little tail, whereas you have a strong shell. If I had a shell-like his, I wouldn’t be afraid of anything.” said the squirrel.

    “I saw you running away from a stray cat yesterday,” said Shiny.

    “Yeah, so what?” said the squirrel.

    “You were scared to death of that cat, but that cat didn’t scare me.”

    Children, what are you scared of?

    “What are you saying?” asked the squirrel.

    “Everybody gets scared sometimes. Why is my brother being afraid of thunderstorms any different from you being afraid of a cat?”

    The squirrel knew that Shiny had made a good point, so he just shook his head and darted out of sight.

    “Wow. Thank you,” said Timmy. “You really are a great older sister.”

    “As I said before, Timmy, that’s my job.”

    “You know, sis, I’ve learned something today. I may not like thunderstorms, but being afraid of them isn’t something to be ashamed of.”

    “That’s right, little brother. And it takes courage to know that.”

    As Timmy and Shiny journeyed to find Crimson Lake, Timmy felt proud about having gained the courage to finally leave his shell.

    Throughout his life, Timmy would encounter many thunderstorms to be sure, but none were as scary as the first one. That’s because Timmy never looked at them the same way again.

    And oh how he loved telling his grandchildren about the summer lightning bounced off his shell!

    9m | Jul 15, 2023
  • From The Archive-Stories from Near and Far: Why Do Kangaroos Hop?(Episode 133)

    This story is adapted from an Australian folktale. It’s about a joey who is very curious about why only he can do a certain thing and his friends can’t.

    Free activity sheet available at www.rituvaish.com/why-do-kangaroos-hop-archive

    Send your artwork to rituvaish@gmail.com.


    “Mama, why do kangaroos hop? Why don't we run, or walk, or slide on our bellies?” Kip, the joey bounced his tail up and down on the red dirt.

    “We're kangaroos. That's what we do. We leap through the air. I've never heard of a kangaroo running, or walking, or sliding on their bellies,” Mama said busy cleaning the house.

    Children, can you think of an animal that slides on its belly?

    That’s correct- snakes slide on their bellies.

    Kip hopped off. “I'm going to the billabong, Mama.”

    Children Billabong is an Australian name for an isolated pond left behind after a river changes its course.

    So, Kip was going to the Billabong and waving to Mother said, “I want to play with my friends.”

    Mummy Kangaroo waved back lovingly.

    When he was approaching the pond, he saw his friend Kimmy Koala,

    Now Koalas are marsupials, and can be thought of as pouched mammals. They carry their babies in a pouch and are native to Australia.

    Getting back to the story.

    Kip was inquisitive and asked Kimmy Koala, “Kimmy, do you hop?”

    The Koala pulled a eucalyptus leaf out of her mouth. “I don't hop. I don't even run. I climb trees and sit here eating these delicious eucalyptus leaves. But why do you ask?”    

    Kip, the joey, pondering about the Koala’s answer said, “Just checking. I am curious which of my friends hop. I’ll check with Cedric, the crocodile. CU later.”

    Kip saw his friend Cedric Crocodile swimming in the water. “Cedric, do you hop?” shouted Kip.  


    Children, would you ever go near a crocodile? 

    Indeed you should never go near a crocodile. Always stay away from them.


    The crocodile swam up to the side of the billabong. “Of course not. I swim. I can walk, but I don't run, and I do not hop either.”

    “Why not?” asked Kip.

    “Because that's the way we crocodiles are. We swim and eat fish.”

    “Ok Cedric, I’ll see you later. Want to check with Danny, the dingo if he hops,” and off Kip went to meet Danny, the dingo while Cedric slid back under the water.

    Kim met Danny Dingo at the far edge of the billabong ready to have a drink.

    Children, A Dingo is a big Australian dog. It is almost like a fox.

    “Hi Danny, I wanted to ask you something,” Kip looked at his friend.

    Danny looked at Kip and nodded.


    So children, what do you think Danny Dingo told Kip?

    Yes, indeed Kip asked Danny, “Do you hop?”


    Danny Dingo barked, “Ruff- ruff! No! You know I run, and I walk. I can even swim if I have to. But certainly, I can't fly and I don't hop.”

    “Oh. Why not?” added Kip confused.

    “Because that's the way dingos’ are. See you later as right now my family is waiting for me,” Danny ran off.

    Kip waved bye and moved along the edge of the Billabong.

    He looked at his reflection in the water and wondered, “Why none of my friends hop?”

    So, children, what do you think will Kip do now?

    Let’s listen ahead.

    Just then he heard the enchanting singing of the Kookaburra.

    Children Kookaburra is a bird that is also native to Australia.

    He turned and saw his friend, Kara Kookaburra. Then he quickly asked, worried that she might fly off, “Hi Kara. Do you hop?”

    The bird laughed her head off. “Of course, I don't. I could, I suppose, but mostly I fly. I'm a kookaburra and that's what I do.”

    She flew off, heading for the sandstone rock in the distance.

    So, what do you think Kara Kookaburra did on the sandstone rock?


    Kip thought about all his friends and talking to himself said, “ I see, None of them hops. That means only kangaroos can hop.” Suddenly, his eyes sparkled, and he repeated, “None of my friends can hop, that means only us Kangaroos can hop. That's super cool.”

     He jumped as high as he could. “Look! How high I jumped! None of my friends can do that. I'm special.” He pushed with his legs and hopped all the way home. “Mama, I can hop. Dingos can't hop. Crocodiles can't hop; neither can koalas and kookaburras.”

    “That's right, Kip. Are you happy about that now?” His mama smiled at him. “I’m happy that I'm a kangaroo and can hop all over the place. I can hop as high as I want.

    9m | Jul 8, 2023
  • From The Archive: Turtle Tales: Limu, The Blue Turtle(Episode 132)

    Welcome to the Turtle Tales series.

    Limu, the blue turtle is an adapted folktale from Hawaii. Originally written by Kimo Armitage, it’s a story about perseverance, friendship, and being kind at heart. 

    Free activity sheets and other downloadable resources are available at www.rituvaish.com/archive-limu-the-blue-turtle

    Send your artwork to rituvaish@gmail.com.


    Every year, thousands of baby turtles climb out of their sandy nests and make their way to the ocean. This year, out popped another baby turtle but this one was blue!

    His parents named him Limu.

    The tiny blue turtle opened its big eyes, shook the sand off its head, and started to make its way to the ocean.

    When all the other turtles saw the blue turtle they started to laugh. They pointed their flippers at the poor turtle and teased him.

    “No one likes me,” the blue turtle said.

    He dunked his head under the surf and rode out to sea.

    Children, how did Limu feel when other turtles teased him? 

    Growing up in the sea, Limu the blue turtle would meet other turtles, but after looking at Limu other turtles would laugh and swim away.

    “No one wants to be my friend,” Limu said sadly.

    But growing up was not all bad, Limu would bodysurf in the big waves and he would have fun chasing colourful fishes into the coral.

    One day when he was eating his favourite seaweed off some rocks he heard someone crying. When Limu looked up he saw a little Opihi.

    Children Opihi belongs to the broad category of marine snails and has conical shells.

    “Why are you crying?” asked Limu.

    “I am so sad. I miss my sister who lives far away,” cried the little Opihi.

    “I can take you,” said the blue turtle. “I can swim really fast and we will be there in no time.”

    “You are such a nice turtle,” said the Opihi. “My name is Nani.”

    “My name is Limu. Hop on my back and we leave right now,” said the blue turtle.

    The Opihi jumped on Limu’s back. She hung on tight as the blue turtle swam under the water. They swam near the surface and they swam deep in the deep part of the water. They laughed with the family of seals playing in the water.

    All of a sudden, the water became black. Nani was very scared.

    “What is it ?” she cried.

    Children, can you guess who could that be?

    When Limu looked up he saw he had bumped into a big whale. The whale was crying.

    “What's wrong?” Limu asked.

    “I was swimming in the deep water near a sunken ship and I got a big piece of wood stuck in my flipper,” the whale cried, “It hurts so much.”

    “Maybe I can help,” said Limu.

    Limu bit onto the piece of wood and pulled with all his might. He pulled and pulled and pulled.

    “You can do it!” yelled Nani.

    Suddenly, the wood came out!

    The whale was indeed very happy.

    “How can I ever thank you?” asked the whale.

    “My flipper is as good as new.”

    “Glad I could help. My name is Limu,” the blue turtle said.

     Children, think of a time you have helped someone?

    That’s nice. I am sure helping others made you feel good.

    “My name is Jonah,” replied the whale. “Limu, you are a good-hearted Turtle. Thanks again.”

    The blue turtle started swimming again with Nani, the little Opihi on his back. After a day of travelling the blue Turtle and the little Opihi could see the beautiful bay where Nani's sister lived. Many different kinds of colourful fish lived in the reef.

    As Limu looked at all the different types of seaweed, he was delighted. There is so much food to eat here, he thought to himself!

    “There is my sister’s home,” cried Nani. “I am so happy!” how can I ever thank you enough for bringing me here.”

    “I’m happy that I could help,” said Limu.

    They pulled closer to the water’s edge where Nani’s sister lived.

    Nani let out a big yell “Ooh Lani”.

    Lani saw Nani and cried tears of joy for she was happy to see her sister too. Nani jumped off Limu’s back and hugged her sister.

    “Thank you so much Limu,” said Lani,” You are a great friend to my sister and me I am so glad to see Nani. Indeed you have a big heart.”

    Then she told Limu, "Please eat some seaweed."

    Limu ate and ate. He had never seen so many different types of seaweed. In fact, he was so busy eating that he did not see how far he had drifted from the rocky shore. All of a sudden he saw two beady eyes looking at him.

    Then he saw a lot of beady eyes and big dark shapes and Limu became very afraid.

    “You look good enough to eat,” said one of the dark shapes when it moved closer. Limu saw that it was a shark.

    “You will make a delicious lunch,” said another shark.

    “We have never eaten a blue turtle before,” called out another one.

    Just then a big black shadow covered Limu the big black shadow started to flip the sharks high into the sky one by one. the other sharks were afraid and swam away as fast as they could.

     Children, can you guess who that big, black shadow was?

    “It looked like you needed some help Limu,” said the whale.

    “Oh, thank you Jonah, you saved my life,” said Limu.

    “That's what friends are for, See you later Limu,” said the whale as he swam away.

    Limu swam back to Lani's home.

    He was so happy because he was in a beautiful place with his friends and he knew that no matter what he looked like on the outside others liked him because of the good turtle he was on the inside.



    10m | Jul 1, 2023
  • From The Archive: The Originals-Little Golu And The Ribbon(Episode 131)

    Today's story, 'Little Golu And The Ribbon' is a short story on shapes.

    Free activity sheet available at www.rituvaish.com/archive-little-golu-and-the-ribbon

    Send your artwork to rituvaish@gmail.com.


    Little Golu was excited.

    “Wow! A new set of a crayon box!” But more than the crayon box, the ribbon on the next one caught his attention. It was a red ribbon with tiny hearts. He snapped the gift that was tied with the red ribbon, open. The ribbon fell a little distance from him. Golu glanced at it for the ribbon made a circular shape. Golu was attracted.

    He bent down to get a closer look when he heard “Happy Birthday, Golu. I have turned myself into a circle.”

    “Hey, you’re a talking ribbon. Woohoo! Oh, a circle?! I know many things that are circular. Hm.. the face of the wall clock is a circle, to start with. Next, pizza. The pizza we ate at the birthday party was circular.”

    The talking ribbon said, “Look outside, what things are circular?”

    “My new bicycle’s wheels are circular and so is the sun!”

    “Now pick me up and toss me in the air. When I land on the ground again, I’ll show you a different shape,” said the ribbon. It fell and made a square shape.

    “You are indeed magical,” smiled Golu, who had already started looking for square shapes around the house.

    “The cushion is square and…” Golu was stuck.

    The talking ribbon said, “How about the crackers that you enjoyed with cheese with your friends earlier today?”

     “Yes and the cheese slices, too. This is fun! May I toss you in the air again?” asked Golu with a sparkle in his eyes.

    “Sure, I love this game too.” Golu tossed the ribbon and it fell as a triangle. He was quiet. He looked around his room but couldn’t find anything triangular.

    Then he jumped and got a hold of his favourite musical instrument from the table - the triangle.

     Children, what is your favourite musical instrument?


     “Now that’s a triangle!” “That’s right. And the sandwich and also the ice cream cone.”

    “Can you also become a rectangle? With two long sides and two short sides?”

    “Throw me yet again.” Golu threw it and sure enough, the talking ribbon formed a rectangle. “Now, this is easy. The gift on the table is a rectangle and my pencil box too. And my storybook on the bed as well.”

    “And the door is my shape too!” added the ribbon.

    “Well for the next shape, throw me yet again.” As Golu tossed the ribbon, a gust of wind blew the ribbon out of the open door. As it blew further away, it made the shape of a heart. Golu yelled, “That’s a heart! You’re now in the shape of my birthday cake.” Golu made a heart with his hands and blew the ribbon a kiss as it flew with the wind. “See you soon, Golu!” the ribbon called.

    With a smile, Golu went back to opening the gifts

    6m | Jun 24, 2023
  • Tenali Raman Tales - Tenali In Delhi Darbar (Episode 130)

    Tenali in Dilli Darbar is a story where Tenali Raman from a southern state of India is invited by the king of a northern state of India. Listen to the story to find out what happens.

    Free activity sheet available at www.rituvaish.com/tenali-in-delhi-darbar

    Send your artwork to rituvaish@gmail.com.


    At the time when Krishnadevaraya ruled over Vijayanagar, King Babar ruled over Delhi. Tenali was a famous jester in King Krishnadevaraya's royal court. When King Babar heard Tenali's tales of wit and intelligence, he wished to meet him. So he sent a messenger to Vijayangar to request Tenali to visit Delhi. With King Krishnadevaraya's permission, Tenali went to Delhi with the messenger.

    In Delhi, Tenali was welcomed and settled in the royal guest house. The messenger went to King Babar to inform him about Tenali's arrival. The next day's appointment was fixed between King Babar and Tenali. Babar told his courtiers, “Tenali, the great witty jester from Vijayanagar has come to Delhi. Tomorrow in the royal court none of us must smile or laugh at his jokes. I want to test him as to how he will make us laugh and win a reward.”

    Children, do you think Tenali Raman would win a reward?

    Let’s listen ahead.

    The courtiers of Dilli Durbar promised not to smile or laugh that day in the court before the guest.

    At the given time Tenali also arrived in the Dilli Durbar. He told many witty tales and jokes to courtiers and King Babar, but all remained silent. No one even smiled at the jokes. This went on for not one day or two days but for 15 days.

    Guess what, from the sixteenth day Tenali stopped going to Dilli Durbar. Instead, he disguised himself and followed King Babar everywhere to note his daily routine. Babar used to go for a stroll by the river Yamuna with his prime minister every morning.


    Children, Yamuna is a famous river in India. Do you know the name of a river in your country?


    On the way, they would give gold coins to the poor and the needy beggars. After observing this Tenali made a plan.

    The next morning, Tenali dressed up as an old man. He took a spade and a mango sapling and stood by the river Yamuna waiting for King Babar's arrival. Seeing him at a distance Tenali started planting the sapling. King Babar came to him and said, “Old man, you are very old indeed. You won’t live long enough to enjoy the fruits of the tree you are planting. Why are you taking so much trouble?'

    “Your Majesty, I enjoyed the fruits from the trees planted by my ancestors. This tree's fruits will be enjoyed by others. I find joy in giving to others. I am not planting this to myself.”

    The king was impressed by the reply and gave a bag full of gold coins. The old man thanked him and said, “Your Majesty you are indeed a great and kind king. People get the fruits when the tree has grown but you have given me the fruit of my labour even before I had planted the sapling. The thought of helping others has really benefited me.”

    “I like this thought of yours. You can now take this second bag of gold coins as a reward,” King Babar added.

    “Oh, Your Majesty, This tree will bear fruits once in a year only but before it has been planted you have filled my arms with fruits of joy twice.”

    King Babar again said, “I like your thoughts and I am impressed by them.”

    He gave the third bag too to the old man.

    Now the prime minister got worried and said to the king, “Your majesty let's leave now, this man is too intelligent. His witty remarks will claim all the royal wealth from you.”

    King Babar laughed and got ready to walk away. At this time the old man said, “ Your Majesty, can you give me just a look? “

    When Babar turned to look, he saw Tenali holding a false beard in his hands. King Babar burst out laughing on seeing what Tenali had been up to. He said, “I am pleased, Tenali. You have truly proved that you are witty and a great jester.”

    King Babar called Tenali to the court and gave him many more royal rewards.

    When Tenali returned to Vijayanagar, King Krishnadevaraya was proud to see how Tenali had saved Grace. Tenali smiled and said, “So your Majesty, I am fit for a reward from you too.”

    King Krishnadeva Raya agreed with a smile and gave Tenali ten thousand gold coins as a reward.


    7m | Jun 17, 2023
  • From The Archive - Aesop Fables-The Town Mouse and The Country Mouse (Episode 129)

    Aesop's fables are a group of stories thought to have been written by Aesop, a Greek Storyteller. Each Aesop story demonstrates a moral lesson.

    Today’s story is an Aesop Fable - The Town Mouse and The country mouse, It’s a story of a country mouse who visits a big city to experience all of its luxuries and realizes the price at which it comes.

    Free activity sheet available at www.rituvaish.com/archive-the-town-mouse-and-the-country-mouse

    Send your artwork to rituvaish@gmail.com.


    A town and a country mouse were cousins. The country mouse was simple and lived inside a cosy log by the side of a beautiful sunflower field.

    Children, what do you think the country mouse ate?

    Ya, Probably!

    Life was. simple in the countryside and the mouse got by on a few sunflower seeds and wheat stalks most of the days. Some days would be a treat as he would get bread crumbs and cheese left over after the farmer’s meal. There was a fresh bubbling stream next to the log, which had all the clean water he needed whenever he was thirsty.

    Children, what do you think a town mouse eats and drinks?


    The town mouse would occasionally visit his country cousin for a breath of fresh air and an escape from the hustle and bustle of the mechanized world. The town mouse was used to lavish varieties of food in the city, and the simple country experience was a nice change for him to relax and unwind. Although the country was a peaceful place to live, the town mouse wouldn’t give up the pleasures of his town to settle for a laid-back life with little to do. He often remarked that he couldn’t grasp why any mouse would want to live in the countryside with so little and barely getting by.

    Since the country mouse had never visited the big town, the town mouse on one of his trips to the country suggested that he come to stay with him and experience the town all for himself and not just listen to his adventures and stories. The country mouse happily accepted his cousin’s offer. He was eager to experience real life in the town.

    They set off at once for the town.

    Children, can you think of one thing that the country mouse would find different in the city?

    Upon arrival, the country mouse was astonished at the size of his cousin’s house; a four-storied building with cast-iron railings, white stucco pillars, and massive doors leading to endlessly long hallways. The brightly polished furniture and oak floors sparkled with the reflection of the ceiling’s crystal chandeliers. After a tour of his upscale mansion, it was finally time for the country mouse to try out the delicious spread of food his cousin always gloated about. The cheese, cream, cakes, truffles, tender meat, and champagne were something the country mouse had only imagined.

    The dining room was massive. The country mouse gasped at the sight of the assortment of food left behind on the table. The humans were just done with their dinner and there was so much to eat for the mice; cookies, jellies, meat cuts, fresh bread, and ice cream. They jumped in and buried themselves in the rich food. The country mouse stuffed his mouth with the delicious cakes, drank the sweet champagne, and staggered around dizzy. He was having the time of his life with a full belly and having forgotten what it’s like to have little most days or starve sometimes. The world couldn’t be a happier place!

    Suddenly there’s a commotion at the other end of the dining hall.

    Children, what was the commotion about?

    The country mouse sees his cousin dash across the table like his life depended on it and dragged him away. He turns around and to his horror sees the biggest furriest cat he has ever laid eyes on in his life in pursuit. The overfed cat is also clumsy and fails to catch them at every corner and turn. At the same time, a maid steps in with a long broom and beats the floor determined to squash them with it barely missing the mice. Finally, they reach their hole in the skirting board at the end of the hall barely missing and getting clawed by the most vicious beast that is every mouse’s nightmare, the cat.


    “HAHA! That was close! But wasn’t it worth it??” Exclaims the town mouse in glee. The country mouse is dizzy, but this time out of fear as he almost got squashed and clawed to death. This isn’t something a simple country mouse can live with every day he thinks to himself and leaves the town having bid farewell to his cousin.

    The moral of the story is that it is better to live a peaceful life that has little and is secure than to live in a luxury that can end any moment in disaster.

    8m | Jun 10, 2023
  • Special Days - The Red Moon (128)

    World Environment Day is around the corner on 5th June. This day is a reminder that people must act now to save the planet Earth.

    The Red Moon is s short story that would remind you not just on 5th June, but always to take care of our blue planet.

    Free activity sheet available at https://www.rituvaish.com/the-red-moon

    Send your artwork to rituvaish@gmail.com.


    There was once a little grey planet that was very sad. The people living there hadn't looked after it, despite them having all the inventions and spaceships you could ever need. They had contaminated the whole countryside so much with rubbish and pollution that there were no plants or animals left.

    One day, a little boy was walking on the planet, when he passed a cave and noticed a small red flower inside. The flower was very sick - almost dying - so the boy carefully dug up the flower, with roots, soil and everything. Then, he started looking for a place where he could look after it.

    Children, where do you think he will plant the red flower plant?

    Let’s listen ahead.

    He searched all over the planet but everywhere was so contaminated that there was no place the flower could possibly live in. Then he looked up at the sky and noticed the moon. It seemed to the boy that maybe the plant could survive there.

    So the little boy put on his astronaut suit and climbed into a spaceship. He put the little red flower in the back, and off they went to the moon.

    Far away from all that pollution - and with the boy visiting it every day to tend it - the flower started to grow. 

    Children, how do you look after the plants?

    That’s great.

    The flower was so well cared for, that it soon germinated, giving birth to others, and these other flowers spread onto other flowers. Before long, the whole moon was completely covered with flowers.

    That's why, whenever the little boy's flowers open up, for a few minutes the moon takes on a soft red sheen, like a warning light. Maybe it's telling us that if you don't look after your planet, a day will come when flowers will only be able to grow on the moon.

    So children, promise to take care of our planet Earth and remember the 4R’s -reducing, reusing, recycling, and recovering. These help to remind us of the importance of reducing waste production which in turn would save the planet Earth.

    5m | Jun 3, 2023
  • From The Archive - Panchatantra - The Mice That Ate Iron (127)

    Panchatantra stories are one of the most widely translated books in history and are known for their wisdom on practical life. The stories are delightfully narrated, with animals and birds often being the central characters. Thus they provide valuable life lessons in a light-hearted manner.

    In today's story, a merchant leaves an iron chest in the care of his friend while he travels to a neighbouring village. And returning, the friend, who was very greedy, told the merchant that the mice ate up his iron chest. To find out how does the merchant get his revenge, listen to the story

    Free activity sheet available at https://www.rituvaish.com/the-mice-that-ate-iron-archive

    Send your artwork to rituvaish@gmail.com.


    Once there was a rich merchant called Naduk. Time passed, and his business turned for the worse.

    Soon it was so bad that he not only lost all his money but also got into debt. He decided to leave the city and find his fortune in a new place. He sold all his possessions to pay off his debts.

    Children, what is your favourite possession, something that you would not want to let go of? 

    All that he was left with what is a heavy iron chest.

    Before leaving his town, Naduk went to see his good friend Bondu. He requested him to keep the chest with him till he returned.

    “Of course my friend! I will keep the chest safe for you,” said Bondu.

    Naduk thanked him and left.

    He travelled far and wide for many years and worked very hard. He started trading in spices and soon all his hard work paid off and he became rich again.

    Children, can you name a few spices?

    That’s nice.

    Happy, that he was rich again, Naduk returned to his town.

    He bought a new house and opened a very large shop.

    Bondu had also heard that Naduk was back in town and has started a new business with the money that he had earned in all these years. Bondu was getting a little jealous of Naduk. 

    One day after work Naduk went to visit his friend Bondu who welcomed him warmly. They talked for long. As he was about to leave, Naduk asked Bondu to return his iron chest.

    Bondu had no intention of returning it as he knew that when he sold it, it would fetch him a good price. He put on a sad face and said, “Something bad has happened. I had kept the chest safely in my storeroom, but the mice have eaten it. I am really sorry.”

    Children, do you think a mouse can eat iron??

    Certainly not!

    Naduk understood what was going on in Bondu’s mind.

    Patting Bondu’s shoulder Naduk said, “Please don't feel sorry. It's not fair. It is not your fault that the mice ate the iron chest,”

    Bondu was pleased to see that Nadu had fallen for his lie.

    “How stupid can one be,” thought Bondu.

    Children, do you think Naduk is stupid?

    Listen ahead.

    Meanwhile, Naduk asked Bondu to send his son home with him so that he could hand over the gifts that he had brought for him.

    Bondu immediately asked his son Pinto to go with Naduk and fetch the gifts.

    Naduk took the boy home and locked him in the cellar of his house.

    Children, what do you think will happen now?

    When Pinto didn't return by evening, his father got worried and came to ask about the whereabouts of his son.

    Naduk said, “Oh! It was so unfortunate that while we were coming to my house, a hawk swooped and carried the boy off. I followed the hawk for some time but could not keep pace. I am sorry my friend.”

    On hearing this, Bondu became furious he accused Naduk of lying. He insisted that a hawk could not carry a 15-year-old boy.

    A quarrel started and they both went to the court

    “Your honour, I had sent my son with this man to fetch some gifts from his house. But my son has not returned since. This man has stolen my son,” cried Bondu.

    The magistrate ordered Naduk to return the boy to his father.

    But Naduk insisted that a hawk carried off the boy. The magistrate asked him how it was possible.

    To this Naduk replied, “If mice can eat up an iron chest, surely a hawk can carry off a boy!”

    The magistrate understood that there was more to it than meets the eye here. He asked Naduk to explain everything in detail.

    Naduk then narrated the entire story. Everyone in the courtroom had a good laugh. The magistrate ordered Bondu to return the iron chest to Naduk and Naduk to return Bondu’s son.

    7m | May 27, 2023
  • Tenali Raman Tales - Raman Outsmarts A thief (Episode 126)

    Tenali Raman was a learned scholar and a poet in King Krishnadevaraya’s court. He was a minister in the court and was also one of the eight poets. He was famous for his wit and quick thinking.

    On the Story Prism podcast, Tenali Raman tales are a collection of some of those stories.

    Today's story- Raman Outsmarts a Thief is a story that teaches us that being a quick thinker and witty can save us from dire situations. Do you think Raman would be able to save himself this time?

    Free activity sheet available at www.rituvaish.com/tenali-outsmarts-a-thief

    Send your artwork to rituvaish@gmail.com.


    Once upon a time, Raman set out on a long journey. In those days, one had to walk through the jungle to get to another city.

    Children, how can we travel from one place to another nowadays?

    That’s a lot of ways, but long-long ago, people had to walk if they wanted to travel.

    So, Raman started his journey. On the way, another traveller joined Raman, who said, “This forest is infested with thieves. I am afraid they will rob me. Can I travel with you?” the man asked Raman. Raman readily agreed.

    That night, the two of them stopped at some place in the forest to rest. Raman was tired and fell asleep soon. His companion was waiting for this moment. In fact, he was a thief who used to rob travellers. He got up and looked under Raman’s pillow without disturbing him. He found nothing. He carefully searched Raman’s pockets looking for money. To his disappointment, he did not find even a paisa! Then he opened the bundle Raman was carrying. Again, he found nothing.

    The next morning, the two resumed their journey. They halted for the night again. Raman again had a sound sleep. Whereas his companion yet again searched Raman’s belongings, looking for money and valuables. Again, he was disappointed.

    The next day, the two travellers reached the holy city of Tirupati, the famous holy city in southern India.  This was where Raman and his companion had to part company.

    At that moment the companion confessed that he was a thief. “ I have never met with failure. But this time I failed. Now that we are parting company, please tell me where you hid the money in the night?” pleaded the thief. “Unless I know your secret, I may not be able to sleep,” he confessed.

    Raman smiled, “I knew you were a thief the moment I saw you. I took care to hide money where you would never find it.”

    Children, where do you think Raman hid his money?

    Let’s listen ahead.

    “But where? I looked for it everywhere,” cried out the thief.

    “Did you look for it under your pillow?” asked Raman.

    “I looked for it under your pillow and found nothing. Why should I look for your money under my pillow?” asked the bewildered thief.

    “Because I hid the money under your pillow,” said Raman, “I was confident it was the one place you would never look for my money.”

    That indeed surprised the thief's companion. He quietly went off his way thinking about how witty Raman was.


    Careful and smart thinking can help one beat even the worst people in the world


    5m | May 20, 2023
  • Aesop Fables-The Foolish stag (Episode 125)

    Aesop's fables are a group of stories thought to have been written by Aesop, a Greek Storyteller. Each Aesop story demonstrates a moral lesson. Today's story the Foolish Stag is from the Aesop category. In this story, the stag admires his antlers but despises his legs till he faces a challenge. Is the realization too late for him,? Let’s listen to the story.

    Free activity sheet available at www.rituvaish.com/the-foolish-stag

    Send your artwork to rituvaish@gmail.com.


    There lived a stag in a forest, and one day he was very thirsty. After searching for water, he found a lake nearby and bent down to the lake to drink. As he bent over the surface, he saw his reflection in the water. Looking at his own reflection he greatly admired his graceful antlers. He became very proud of his antlers.

    “No other animal has such beautiful antlers,” he thought to himself while still looking at his reflection.

    He went on, “Ahha! What a great pair of branching horns are these! How gracefully do those antlers hang over my forehead, and add beauty to my face.”

    Suddenly, he saw his legs in reflection and he became very much ashamed of his thin legs.

    “How can it be,” he sighed, “that I should be cursed with such legs when I have such a magnificent crown.” This made him sad.

    At that moment he scented a lion and in an instant was bounding away through the forest. While he was running in the open grasslands, he was really fast as his legs were strong. But once he entered the woods, his wide-spreading antlers caught in the branches of the trees. The more he tried to free himself, the more difficult it became. As the stag was struggling to get free, the lion came nearer and nearer.

    Children, what do you think would happen in the story now?

    Let’s listen ahead.

    The stag realized his mistake and thought that how he praised his horns and but they proved to be useless ornaments on his head. Now he understood the real value of his legs, which almost took him to safety. Soon the lion caught him, and he was the food of the lion now.

    So children from this story we learn that we should be thankful for what we have.

    4m | May 13, 2023
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