Misc-The Obstacles In Our Path (Episode 135)

Episode 135
4m | Jul 22, 2023

'The obstacles in our path' is a story that teaches us that when obstacles come, the lazy and self–centred people only complain, while the kind-hearted simply get things done. Let’s listen to the story.

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Long long ago, there was a king. He was a good ruler and always took care of all the people in his kingdom.

One day the king decided to test his people and placed a big and heavy boulder in the middle of a very busy road.

Children, why do you think the king did that?

Let’s listen ahead.

After placing the boulder in the middle of the road, he hid behind the bushes and waited to watch what people would do.

Some of the king’s richest merchants and courtiers came by. When they saw the boulder, they just complained and said, “Why is this boulder here?”

Some even blamed the king for not keeping the roads safe. And then they simply walked around the boulder and went their way.

King thought to himself, “All these people only think about themselves, none of them is kindhearted.”

As he was thinking about all the people who crossed, he saw a farmer carrying a huge sack of vegetables on his back. On approaching the boulder, he said to himself, “Omg! How did this boulder come into the middle of the road? It may hurt someone, especially at night.”

He laid his sack and then started pushing the boulder to the side. It was a big boulder, and it took a lot of effort to move it. He was tired after a hard day at the farm, but he didn’t give up. The farmer kept pushing the boulder with all his might and finally succeeded in moving it to the side.

After wiping his sweat, he went back to the middle of the road to pick up his sack.

Lo and behold! He found an envelope with gold coins.

He looked at it in surprise and then looked around to see whose envelope that would be. It was then that he saw the king walk towards him, “Dear farmer, this is your reward for being kindhearted and thinking about others. Many rich people passed, but none even gave a thought that the boulder might hurt someone. You are indeed very kind-hearted. As a reward, I want you to keep these gold coins.”

The farmer folded his hands and said, “Thank you, you are a very kind king.” 

The next day when people heard this incident, they felt very bad but surely understood the real meaning of being kind.

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