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Storm Chasers

Dodds Aldon finally has the life he's always wanted, a life of adventure on the open sea! Along with his new friends, he joins a crew and begins exploring the mystical and dangerous waters of The Wandering Sea.

The Storm Chasers is an anime-inspired adventure/comedy set on the open seas. Join us for the adventure of a lifetime!


S1E13 - The Eye of the Storm
Show Details1hr 27min
S1E12 - Reflections
Show Details45min 23s
S1E11 - Wisdom
Show Details32min 42s
S1E10 - Might
Show Details38min
S1E9 - Title Drop
Show Details47min 22s
S1E8 - The Phoenix Wing
Show Details42min 3s
S1E7 Selena
Show Details43min 57s
S1E6 Tiger Or Treasure
Show Details35min 18s
S1E5 Sailors Follow Orders
Show Details31min 57s
S1E4 The Good In People
Show Details39min 47s
S1E3 The First Captain
Show Details32min 25s
S1E2 Stormy Seas
Show Details34min 24s
S1E1 Adventure Start
Show Details24min 18s
Storm Chasers Trailer
Show Details2min 9s