Stories That Made Us

Few things are constant across all humanity and throughout time. Stories are one of them. Some stories we forget, while some stay with us forever. Some are stories of culture, morals, and philosophies that guide us to happy and meaningful lives. 

These are stories of Gods and Demons, of Heroes and Legends, epic battles and wars; stories of fortitude and inner strength, of fighting against all odds and emerging victorious.

These stories inevitably become tales that determine our moral compass, justify norms and mores of our society, and provide a proud self-identity, and a socio-cultural belonging. These become the stories that give us meaning. 

This podcast is about such stories. Those that are deeply rooted within us, governing our morality and principles. So join us on a journey across cultures, tribes, civilizations, and religions, as we identify and discuss those stories that matter. The stories that made us.


S2 E11: Heroines & Heroes - Greek Myths: Pygmalion and Phaeton
Show Details35min 39s
S2 E10: Heroines & Heroes - Native American - Seneca Story of Genonsgwa
Show Details29min 29s
S2 E9: Heroines & Heroes - Native American - Cherokee Tale of the Hunt and Corn
Show Details29min 11s
S2 E8: Heroines & Heroes - Native American - Three Ojibwe Tales
Show Details29min 41s
S2 E7: Heroines & Heroes - Native American Ojibwe - Tale of Nanabozho Part II
Show Details43min 7s
S2 E6: Heroines & Heroes - Native American Ojibwe - Tale of Nanabozho
Show Details34min 4s
S2 E5: Heroines & Heroes - Viking Sagas: Eric The Red and Leif Ericsson
Show Details42min 39s
S2 E4: Heroines & Heroes - Norse Mythology: The Wanderings of Freyja
Show Details32min 27s
S2 E3: Heroines and Heroes - The Mabinogian: Culhwch and Olwen Part III
Show Details35min 29s
S2 E2: Heroines and Heroes - The Mabinogian: Culhwch and Olwen Part II
Show Details34min 16s
S2 E1: Heroines and Heroes - The Mabinogian: Culhwch and Olwen Part I
Show Details37min 26s
S1E42 - Creation Myths: Native Americans: The Tewa, Yuma, Yokut, and Zuni
Show Details34min 25s
S1E41 - Creation Myths: The Ancient Persian or Zoroastrian and The Babylonian Talmudic Tales
Show Details21min 9s
S1E40 - Creation Myths: The Hindus of India
Show Details29min 5s
S1E39 - Creation Myths: The Norse
Show Details26min 26s
S1E38 - Creation Myths: The Iroquois Native American Tribes
Show Details26min 5s
S1E37 - Creation Myths: The Japanese: Part III
Show Details38min 6s
S1E36 - Creation Myths: The Japanese: Part II
Show Details34min 37s
S1E35 - Creation Myths: The Japanese: Part I
Show Details23min 30s
S1E34 - Creation Myths: Native American Navajo and Mandan
Show Details31min 21s
S1E33 - Creation Myths: Native Americans: Lenape, Luiseno, and Maidu
Show Details34min 32s
S1E32 - Creation Myths: Australian Aborigines: Kakadu, Ngurunderi, and Yulngu
Show Details18min 16s
S1E31 - Creation Myths: The Native American Joshua and Kiowa
Show Details35min 2s
S1E30 - Creation Myths: The K'iche' Mayans of Mexico - Part II
Show Details39min 28s
S1E29 - Creation Myths: The K'iche' Mayans of Mexico - Part I
Show Details31min 41s
S1E28 - Creation Myths: The Polynesians of the Pacific: The Maori, Samoans, and Hawaiians
Show Details29min 42s
S1E27 - Creation Myths: Tales from Africa III: The Malozi, the Kono, and the Ijaw
Show Details30min 56s
S1E26 - Creation Myths: Alaskan Tales: The Inupiat, Kodiak, Tlingit, and Tsimshian
Show Details33min 59s
S1E25 - Creation Myths: The Inca and Jivaro of South America
Show Details35min 38s
S1E24 - Creation Myths: The Irish
Show Details47min 52s
S1E23 - Creation Myths: Hungarians, Sami, and Romanians
Show Details38min 17s
S1E22 - Creation Myths: Myths from India: Part I
Show Details32min 3s
S1E21 - Creation Myths: The Native American Hopi
Show Details31min 47s
S1E20 - Creation Myths: The Ancient Greeks
Show Details34min 8s
S1E19 - Creation Myths: Tales from Africa II: The Ekoi, Fang, Fon, Fulani and Basonge
Show Details31min 6s
S1E18 - Creation Myths: The Finnish
Show Details33min 6s
S1E17 - Creation Myths: The Ancient Egyptians
Show Details53min 39s
S1E16 - Creation Myths: Tales from Africa: The Dinka, Dogon, Efe and Efik
Show Details33min 58s
S1E15 - Creation Myths: The Native American Creek, Crow and Diegueno
Show Details32min 10s
S1E14 - Creation Myths: The Chinese
Show Details34min 37s
S1E13 - Creation Myths: The Siberian Chukchi
Show Details28min 56s
S1E12 - Creation Myths: The Native American Cherokee, Caddo and Cheyenne
Show Details37min 56s
S1E11 - Creation Myths: The African San, Australian Indigenous Tribes, and Indonesian Ceram Island Tribes
Show Details35min 5s
S1E10 - Creation Myths: The Buddhists
Show Details36min 13s
S1E9 - Creation Myths: The Native American Arikara and Arapaho Tribes
Show Details38min 29s
S1E8 - Creation Myths: The Celts of Europe
Show Details32min 30s
S1E7 - Creation Myths: The Austronesian Bagobo, Batak,and Banks Islands Tribes, African Bulu and Asian Buryat Tribes
Show Details34min 47s
S1E6 - Creation Myths: The Algonquian Native American Tribes: Wabanaki, Anishinaabe, BlackFoot and Blood
Show Details40min 5s
S1E5 - Creation Myths: The Babylonians of Iraq
Show Details35min 13s
S1E4 - Creation Myths: The Apache Native American Tribes
Show Details35min 55s
S1E3 - Creation Myths: The Asian Altaic, Australian Arrernte and African Boshongo Tribes
Show Details36min 42s
S1E2 - Creation Myths: The Aztecs of Mexico
Show Details35min
S1E1 - Creation Myths: The Native American Achomawi, Atsugewi and Acoma Pueblo, and The Japanese Ainu
Show Details33min