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Disney Stories For Kids | Fairy Tales | Classic Tales for Kids

Listen to very popular and awesome bedtime stories, funny stories, and moral stories with Kids Candle. Make your children's night beautiful with full of morals and happiness.

  • Listen continuously story without any Disturbance.
  • Full Entertainment with Learning.
  • Every story Teaches a beautiful Lesson.

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Fairy Tale: One Cute Little Fisher Man Story
Show Details7min 12s
Dumbo Story : Look My First Flight
Show Details7min 22s
Tangled : Beyond The Tower Story
Show Details6min 30s
Jungle Tale: One Sailfish Tree and Honey Bees
Show Details5min 5s
The Legends of The Emeralds Story
Show Details10min 35s
Rhymes for Kids: An Owl Sat Alone
Show Details52s
Rhyme: Head shoulders knees toes Learning Rhyme
Show Details1min 43s
Beauty and The Beast: Princess Belle find a new friend Story
Show Details9min 1s
Aladdin Story: The Desert Race Story
Show Details10min 53s
Two Brothers who Founded a Kingdom Story
Show Details4min 30s
The Wheel on The Bus Rhyme
Show Details2min 26s
12 Dancing Princesses Story
Show Details8min 47s
Marvel Story: The X-Man First Mission
Show Details9min 24s
The Cursed Princess Story
Show Details5min 5s
How The Magical Horn Saved Princess Life
Show Details5min 16s
The Thirsty Crow Story
Show Details2min 39s
Great Moral Story: Golden Goose and one Greedy Women
Show Details3min 27s
Funny Story: The Musical Donkey
Show Details3min 34s
The Little Mermaid: The Preparations of Special Song
Show Details10min 29s
Disney's Special Story: Rapunzel - A girl with long hair
Show Details12min 45s
Fairy Tale: Tinker Bell Story
Show Details7min 7s
Cinderella and New Mouse Story
Show Details9min 47s
Aladdin and Magical Stone Story
Show Details11min 44s
Funny Story of Chicken Henny Penny
Show Details7min 6s
Princess Rapunzel Birthday Story
Show Details9min 30s
Beauty and the Beast Story
Show Details18min 17s
Peter Pan Story
Show Details9min 29s
The Frosty Snowman Story
Show Details9min 9s
The Little Mermaid: Ariel's Trouble story
Show Details7min 52s
Jingle Bells Song
Show Details1min 50s
Princess Cinderella Bedtime Story
Show Details13min 3s