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Is it possible to truly understand ourselves? Do the stories we tell accurately depict who we are? In raw, diaristic form, host Morgan examines the stories and moments from his life that continue to shape the person he is today. He hopes listeners will do the same.


Finding Joy
Show Details19min 16s
So You Discover You Have a Half-sibling. Now What?
Show Details24min 23s
On Fatherhood and Parenting
Show Details26min 41s
Grieving a Pet
Show Details18min 27s
My Grandfather Tried to Kill Me
Show Details18min 9s
When COVID Starts Feeling a Bit Too Normal
Show Details21min 44s
How Do We Begin to Process the War in Ukraine?
Show Details20min 3s
What We Remember
Show Details22min 18s
First Kiss
Show Details20min 13s
Do We Learn from Our Past Mistakes?
Show Details21min 31s
The Life You Didn’t Know You Wanted
Show Details22min 58s
Life Story and the Events that Define Us
Show Details22min 20s